How To Ride A Scooter (For Beginners)

In this video I’ll be explaining how to ride a scooter/moped and some of the pros of owning one. Recorded in the Auckland half moon bay Marina.

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  1. If you kick start it don’t keep kicking till it starts, push the kickstart down and feel the compression first then kick hard. There is some space between where the kick start is alone and where you feel the compression. If you just kick it straight down without feeling the compression first you can easily wear out the kick start which is a pain as it is technically only a backup especially on 4 strokes as the kick starts on those are usually shittier. Also I give it gas as I kick start it moving the throttle simultaneously with the kickstart this pumps gas into the carb at the right time just a trick in case you have a scooter that doesn’t want to run.

  2. A scooter for city driving, for example in such a Warsaw or New York, is a simple step to catch cancer. The scooter inhales innumerable exhaust gases (as opposed to the car) and as a result you have lungs full of various poisons. On a scooter in the city you should drive in a p-gas mask. I know it from the autopsy where after about 8 km I have always had a headache and choked a good phlegm. In driving around the city there is a better motorcycle which will usually overtake all cars and do not drag as a scooter does. I advise against buying a scooter to drive in the city, unless it's the most in the countryside.

  3. mam 1st time unga video pathen enaku 2 pasanga 2 peraum schoolku 2 wheelarla kutitu pogsnumnu aasai but cyclekuda oota theriyathu enime na vandi otta try pandren enaku payam athigama eruku na enna pandrathu mam

  4. u should really keep looking forward even tho this is a training video for beginners. be a good role model for beginners. never aim the camera to the sides because it takes just a second for an accident to happen. it's common sense bro. it's good to practice common sense to keep young people from acting like idiot's well at least try to get them from acting like idiots. next time let someone record u it would be a lot safer for u & others around u.

  5. I'm looking this up because in 2 weeks I'm going on a cruise and my mom and step dad are renting 2 scooters and it will be kinda weird me riding behind my mom and the fact that I'm taller and bigger than her btw I'm 14 pretty legal right😂😂😂

  6. hey bro, can I ask a question, well I also use a scooter but at first, when I start the scooter then hit the front brake which is at the right side while holding the throttle to be able to move, it suddenly becomes very fast.. it just suddenly moves very fast but thank God I stopped it. what's the meaning of that? is it because of the right brake or what u call the front brake? my friend said that it's a clutch. automatic have clutch? i dont understand. please reply cause i dont want to happen that to me again. Sorry for a dumb question but i dont have knowledge about motorcycle haha. pls reply..thanks

  7. If you're gonna get a scooter, get the Bintelli Scorch! It looks waaaaaay better than those little put-put things like the one in this video. As far as speed, the 150cc versions go about 55-60 mph (which is more than enough for residential ridding).


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