How to Reduce GoPro Wind Noise

Learn this easy hack to reduce wind noise to enhance audio capture during high-speed activities or in windy environments.


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  1. You might be able to get a velcro square, cut a large circular hole for the mic, stick foam onto one section of the cut velcro, that way you have removable muff and the mic is exposed to only the foam. Like the skinny micro muff.

  2. Im going to record a full flight in two weeks, but Im worried all of my conversations during the flight will be recorded since the GoPro will be right next to me. Do you think the foam would help me in this case? Thank you for answer

  3. I found a piece of sticky back Velcro a neater way .
    You only use the loop half not the hard hook part .
    Cut to size then get a large needle and make several holes through the sticky backing roughly where the mic hole are .
    Peel off and stick on .
    My Sony WX 350 has stereo mic holes on the top and was very prone to wind noise now it’s reduced it to almost nothing except in a gale and the audio is virtually unchanged.
    Best of all it looks fine and can be left on the camera .

  4. I'll try it, I've been struggling trying to record my voice with my gopro mounted right in front of my mouth on my motorcycle helmet at around 120 km/h but I only get wind and very far away my voice, I think this video would have been better if you had talked while you were recording, nice video tho, greetings!

  5. Thanks for the video ! Great tips. Really need an external microphone for my GoPro Hero 5, but apparently they only have one from go pro which is like 80 bucks.I might end up swapping it for a Hero 4 black as I can use a an external mic, as I record footage riding motorbikes. Thoughts? 🙂


  6. Hmmmm, wondering if you could use foam earplugs for that. Cut 'em down to fit right, maybe, and clamp 'em with a rubber band. Very cool video, man.


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