How To Be Confident on a Bike

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Here is my Audio/Video recording setup:
Yi 4K+ Camera
Sony Voice Recorder

Videos are rendered with DaVinci Resolve. Yes, I do add some color saturation and contrast in processing. I usually do some editing to the audio as well to reduce wind noise.

Current bikes are a 2016 Kawasaki Concours14, 2018 Kymco K-Pipe 125, and a 2007 Kymco Xciting 500 and some other stuff too.

Below are affiliate links to all of the gear and bike products you see in my videos or that I recommend.

2018 Kymco K-Pipe 125 Mods/Accessories:
RAM X-Grip

2016 Kawasaki Concours14 Mods/Accessories:
TomTom GPS:
Brake Pads: EBC Pads are awesome for street riding
Tires: (Avon Storm 3D X-Ms are great, though I recommend buying at your local shop, not amazon)

Riding Gear:
Jacket/Pants: Aerostich R-3
Leather Suit (track):
Bluetooth Headset: Don’t buy Sena. Ask me why–Seriously. Get this instead.

Former bikes and accessories:

2018 Kymco Spade Mods/Accessories:
LED for Stock Headlight:
LED Replacement Headlight:
+1 Front Sprocket:
Winter Handguards:
Seat Pad (for long rides):
Air Filter:
Breather Filter:
LED Turn Signals:
MNNTHBX Exhaust:
Bazzaz Tune:

2015 Honda Grom 300 Mods/Accessories:
300 motor from a Honda CBR300R
Gel Grips:
CB1000R Style Mirrors:
RAM X-Grip
Lithium Battery:
Front Oversized Rotor:
Front HH Pads:
Rear Wave Rotor:
Rear HH Pads:
Front/Rear LED Signal Bulbs: /


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  1. My problem is that I take a turn doing 35 on a 25 at night and hope there won't be a deer on the road or worse a drunk driver in my lane coming out of the turn but I don't think about it and ride like normal

  2. Hey dodge rider, I'm going to be getting a bike soon(not that soon but soon) and I'm kinda nervous but excited. Mostly excited cause I rode bikes when I was younger and I wasn't scared. But I live in New York City (Staten Island) and welp let just say there's always dumbass drivers. Not only that but I'm not exactly the most balanced man on this earth and my biggest fear is counter steering and leaning. Any suggestions to get more comfortable ?

  3. hey dodge been watching your videos a lot lately cause I just got a new bike(my first bike) so I was wondering how do I feel confident while riding cause Everytime i get on it I feel I am gonna drop the thing

  4. My uncle was afraid he was going to low side in a lot of turns and his buddy said drive in a circle and go faster and faster. He learned that traction works a lot more than you think when testing the limits of his bike.

  5. Hey Dodge, have you ever taken a safety course? I credit mine with giving me a good foundation of knowledge upon which to build skill. It also helped to inspire me to have the confidence to buy a bike and get it on the road.
    I'd be interested to know if you or anyone in the comments has taken the advanced rider course as well.

  6. I went on a 4 hour ride last weekend all backroads in north GA. Normally I only ride around town just to commute from place to place. But I can tell you right now, that trip significantly increased my confidence.

  7. I live in South Dakota, and we have a lot of critters that try to cross roads at inopportune times. I can remember at least 3 different times that I've had to swerve around animals, all at night. That is the hardest part to get used to. It's hard to know how to look for their eyes until you've seen them a few times. This unknown element, the fact that a deer can run out of the ditch with little to no warning, is what makes it hard for me to ride at night, especially when alone.

  8. i had problems with riding in the rain. last year i had a trackday booked and out of fucking nowhere came one of the worst rain storms in nearly a decade. they stopped the activity eventually but not after having ridden 3 session on track in pouring rain.

    basically that was the day i learned to be exta smooth in the wet and that there is more grip than you might think in the rain. have not had a problem since.

  9. I have a video suggestion! I'm not sure if you have already done it I'm a new subscriber. But, is it a good idea to finance a bike for your first bike? It could be a video if you want. Thanks a lot Moto friend

  10. i drive alot at night. and i know at the day maybe they see me less than at night

    because at night ur a light moving

    at day ur just a dot with a color. its harder to see

    sorry about my english lmao

  11. Topic idea: Tires. I just slapped on a pair of Pirelli Supercorsas on my Ducati. Until I have scrubbed them in through the chicken strips my confidence is low. Is scrubbing in tires still required on modern rubber? Is it a myth, a fact or somewhere in between? You mow through tires on your SD, how do you proceed with caution when they are brand new? Thanks DR

  12. -Hey Dodge.  I think your new helmet cam is good enough for youtube.  Don't mind the cheaper cam.

    -Having done 25+ years of riding, I generally avoid riding at night.  I still do, but its not intentional.  Garbage cans, furniture dropped on the highway, animals in the road…  or even a suicidal duck has hit me in the shoulder.  Adding the duck's speed and my speed together, it was prob a 70mph impact, like being hit by a high speed 5lb bag of flour.  LOL!  Being confident at night, like you mention, involves risk management.  It is key to  find what that means to you with regard to what is an acceptable level of risk.  I like the way you've described "make your mistakes cheap" in the realm of risk management.  Very wise words indeed.  I may borrow that phrasing if you don't mind.

    -Practice…  Well practice, only makes permanent, not perfect.  Practicing the wrong technique just reinforces bad technique.  I'm sure this is what you meant in context anyway.

    -Confidence in riding in the rain…   Your next track day, pray for rain.  You will overcome doubt and fear of rain riding, in 1 rainy track day.  Embrace the wet!  You'll learn smoothness, sliding the bike, throttle/brake control, and what the traction limits actually "feel" like.  When you learn the language your bike is using to let you feel what is happening, the mystery is gone, along with all the fear of the unknown you had before.  Historically,  I've been having more fun at track days in the rain, cuz I'm usually cranking out some pretty good laps relative to the other folks who haven't been in the rain a lot yet.  Even in the dry, I ride in rain mode.

    -mmm…  Gas station food!   ew!

  13. I low sided back in October, minor damage, no injuries, but riding confidence is slow to return. You're pretty much right on, nothing happens overnight tho.


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