Body Position for Cornering

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Winter Handguards:
Seat Pad (for long rides):
Air Filter:
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LED Turn Signals:
MNNTHBX Exhaust:
Bazzaz Tune:

2015 Honda Grom 300 Mods/Accessories:
300 motor from a Honda CBR300R
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CB1000R Style Mirrors:
RAM X-Grip
Lithium Battery:
Front Oversized Rotor:
Front HH Pads:
Rear Wave Rotor:
Rear HH Pads:
Front/Rear LED Signal Bulbs: /


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  1. If you dont know how to properly position yourself, you should take a MSF course, I just passed mine, and that's the 2nd biggest thing they taught us next to looking forward, and not getting target fixated.

  2. Comfort and familiarity are key. Any new road I ride I can typically do 25% over the speed limit, that is comfort on my bike. Now on the other hand we have a awesome bike road here that is a 45 to 50 mph limit but me and most people who have road that road can average double the speed limit safely . Its a 19 mile highway in the middle of nowhere that use to be a main road for a small town that has been abandon for 30 years. Now there is just one business on it a gas station with good burgers for riders . The road dead ends at a river so basically this road is bikes only. In fact you can ride it all day and see zero cars. That is comfort and familiarity.

  3. thank you very very much, after watching this, my cornering become easy and alot faster, i never knew about body leaning forward but this is the key point for me, i've watched alot of conerning guides (body position, counterstreering, hand relax, target fixation) i try them all, but they dnt improve my conering much. After i try body lean forward as you mentioned in this guide everything comes easy and feel right, my hands are more relax, riding is now enjoyable and fun, my speed has increased like up to 20kmph, i always forget target fixation and hand more relax. I've always nervous at coner, i usually practices around 20kms everynight (just i got my bike last month), but tonight i cnt stop riding around i was riding till 2:00 am, my everage speed is become around 20kmph i think. I dnt know how to say what i feel rightnow, i'm just so happy, happy from inside, It feels like heaven. I'm not good in words or in english but thanks again, if you were here i would kiss you XD. my route is here :,+Aizawl,+Mizoram/Treasury+Square,+Aizawl,+Mizoram+796001/@23.7330258,92.7095303,2774m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x374deb4a82d3a517:0x68c25cdfdf704174!2m2!1d92.7172255!2d23.740738!1m5!1m1!1s0x374d94c79b9f7e89:0xacb921a0d586566c!2m2!1d92.7190968!2d23.7252748!3e0

  4. Something i began realizing when watching these moto vlogs, is some, and even might be many people in the beginner class, doesn't actually know how to handle corners and turning the bike, and it doesn't just come naturally. I've always just naturally moved my body to an optimal place on and in vehicles, and i've never thought of moving my body the left, when turning to the left, and things like counter stearing is just something that happens. Now i personally haven't ridden a motor cycle before, though i've ridden MX and i drive an 4 wheel MX quite a lot, and i ride quite fast on my bike, so i have to be nimble, and work with the bike, and as said, it's just something that naturally happens. But what these kind of videos have made me think of, it's not like that for many people. I'm glad i can learn about Motorcycles while also learning more about people 🙂

  5. Really enjoy this video, body position is something I need to work on. Your video gives me some good focus points. Also enjoyed your video about the proper line to take. Excellent video, thanks for sharing

  6. It doesn't look like anyone is mencioning the need to hook the outside leg (knee and lower thigh) to the tank when leaning out. That hook is fundamental to bring the bike to the side with you and to stabilize the whole action. It allows the rider to controle the inclination and above all, keep the grip of your hands light, leaving the bike steer properly. There should always be a conection between the rider and the bike at the tank level, and the more the conection is near your gravity center (in your hips)the better. This is specially important for sportbikes bikes, on the others there are exceptions. But look at scooters – the fact that you dont have a tank to hold on, males your ride so wobly! Keep this in mind…and practice – hook to your bike!

  7. how do I hang off the bike like in moto gp style? and will the bike not fall completely over if I have it leaned all the way. I heard that if you take a corner too fast, you can just lean the bike more. How far is too much? Can I trust the bike to completely lean it over?

  8. Hey Dodge. I started riding offroad, like a lot of us, 20 years ago. I learned to keep my body on top of the bike, steer with the hips, and weigh the opposite peg of the turn. I've taken flattrack classes and its very much the same as offroad. You corner with your body weight perpendicular to the ground. By the time I was legal to ride on the road, it was a habit to keep my weight on top of the bike. Why is riding on the road so much different than riding offroad? Is it because there is just more traction and you want to utilize it?

  9. if your butt is not all the way off the side of the seat before the bike starts to lean, you're doing it wrong… that's the main reason people lowside, they lean the bike before the body.

  10. I've just started to get into motorcycles but have ridden mountain bikes for a while. I've noticed that the body position is very similar to taking a sharp curve on a mountain bike. You are right, you will feel it click when you do it right.

  11. Back in 2006 when I started exploring "hanging off" for the first time on the SV650 that I had at the time (stock flabby suspension and all), I explored Youtube for instructional videos.

    Found this one by Michael Neeves which resonated a lot with me and started me understanding how my body weight was counterbalancing the motorcycle lean.

    Later on, I started understanding how important weighting the pegs vs. the bars was in selecting and keeping a proper line through a curve. Reinforcing what you said, keep a looser grip on the handlebars. The motorcycle only needs the initial countersteering input to set the line, and it will track that line mostly by itself (depending on bike types, tire widths, etc of course). The important thing to keep on the mind when navigating curves is stand on the peg and don't "hang" on the bars to stay on the bike. Steering is conclusively done through countersteering, but the body needs to support itself on the pegs MOSTLY.

    Hope I've helped in some way. Also highly recommended is "A Twist of the Wrist" instructional videos.

    A not-recommended-on-public road demonstration of counter-weighting a bike would be this mad man flying through the Dragon. Good camera angles showing how far over the bike gets without running out of rubber, all thanks to counter-weighting with the body.

  12. It boils down how fast and tight you want to hit the turn, normal road riding, just tilt you body to the turn, if you are hanging off and doing the buttcheek dance on the streets you are probably doing illegal speeds or just doing it just because its cool 😀

  13. Biking is so much about feel.
    The saying "by the seat of youre pants" describes riding and cornering on a bike. If it feels right it almost always will be right.
    What you'll find just using this philosophy things like putting you're knee down will occur without you even trying. Almost by surprise.

  14. There is ZERO need to hang off a bike on the road – pointing your knee out slightly and moving chin over slightly is way more than sufficient on the road….absolutely no need for acrobatics or hanging arse cheeks off, to negotiate ANY corner on a road

  15. Choosing the proper line through a corner is actually MORE important than a rider's body positioning. If a rider is on the proper line it makes everything easier. Throttle control, braking, and to a large degree, body position is dictated by correct line selection. Most guys get caught up in trying to drag a knee. The only reason to drag a knee is for a reference point of maximum lean. Plus it looks cool. If your knee is on the ground, a rider has achieved maximum lean angle and will not run off the sidewall of the rear tire. You can still tuck the front with your knee on the ground but that is due mostly to losing front end grip with improper weighting of the bike through a corner. For the average, everyday street rider and track guys, line selection is key. You can have excellent form but if you are on the wrong line, it's worthless. If your on the proper line, correct form just tends to happen as you get in a rhythm and flow down the road or out on track. Good vid Dodge, enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!

  16. Awesomely informative, and god damn do those roads look good! Please do some more mountain-riding videos! For those of us in the world where winter actually means winter, seeing a dry road, some sunshine, and some awesome corners is rare bordering on impossible xD

  17. This is really a nicely presented video, and I liked that you are encouraging people to get their knee out, and not to drag it all the way to the surface of the road. Your judgement is better than the other riders I see…keep it up!!!!


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