Adventure Sidecar Tips from Helge Pedersen

Adventure motorcycling legend Helge Pedersen guest hosts and explains the pro’s and con’s of touring the globe with his amazing new sidecar rig.


Helge’s awesome book: “10 Years on 2 Wheels”
Jay’s DMC Sidecars:

Thanks to David Fox for the great drone shots and AD’ing.
Thanks to Christina Tkacs for the smoooooth riding shots of Bret.
Thanks to Dave Wendell for the sidecar training clip.
Thanks to Matt Jorgensen for making fresh music in under an hour.

#globeriders #sidecar #touring

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  1. Watching this makes me feel so proud I chose to go for mechanical engineering. DMC's work is brilliant, efficient and cost effective. Pure and simple. I would add tire pressure control on the sidecar as well to add that extra smooth feeling when in gravel or of roads. The option to raise or lower the side car shock with the hydraulic system is brilliant, amazing feature! who would have thought of that? That's why I love "Small" companies rather than big fat corporations that sell garbage for high price. Thanks for the share! Amazing video! by the way, I have been to "the end of the world" tierra del fuego argentina. it's amazing.

  2. thats really cool man.. but id rather have 100 rusty old smokey vintage bikes than 2 new machines .. and im at 64.. i got some room to go.. lmao.. my dog and i off road around the country .. got a few videos on my channel of the dog and my adventures.. and much more to come


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