5 things YOU need to tighten on your HARLEY

5 things you need to tighten on your Harley Davidson motorcycle! I see the same things loose all the time. I find loose bolts on Sportsters. Softail models seem to always have the same stuff loose. Those touring models seems to always want to have a shift lever fall right off. Even our beloved (RIP) Dyna model needs some extra love! I’ll give you some info on every harley model in this video! Thanks for watching.

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  1. Totally nailed it on the Dyna – What you need to tighten. New Battery last season – this season – mystery die and restart while driving and at stops – started simple – loose battery terminal – not wiggle loose – but loose enough. Tightened the terminals and bingo – no more problem.

  2. Just had the Dyna pulley bolt problem a year ago on my good friend's bike. She heard a funny 'clicking' noise. She backed out of the throttle and started to pull over….and the wheel locked up. Luckily she managed to keep the bike upright. One new rear wheel, one new pulley, all new wheel bearings, all new bolts, one new rear tire and some professional repair work to the swing arm. It was indeed an expensive lesson!

  3. So on my 2015 road glide special after I let off the throttle and I'm coasting 3rd or 4th gear I hear a spinning metal scrapy sound and it seems like it's coming off the primary not sure if it's occurring while I'm on the throttle I only notice it when I'm off the throttle. What is it?

  4. Vaping is gay and it's going to give you ovarian cancer dude in fact if I saw you on a Harley and you were vaping I would pull out my chain and smack you in the face with it

  5. I had a loose battery cable on my sportster, It gave a code. I went to the dealer to check the code "the service manager" tried to sell me a voltage regulator….over $500.
    Even the lady at the dealer "service writer" told me the "service manager" was full of it and I did not need the regulator.
    Well that was about a year and a half ago, no more problems.
    So yes first check to see if the cables are tight.

  6. Wow im surprised the motor mounts come loose on a new sporty ,i have a solid mount 1996 sportser and have never had any bolts come loose anywhere on my bike and i go over my bike and check everything i also keep my bike very clean , in doing so i can see any issues that need attention like the starter gasket i just changed that was leaking , thanks harley for putting the mounting bolts inside the pimary lol , rip half your bike apart just to pull the starter to fix a leaky gasket so now need 2 gaskets 1 for starter and 1 for primary , very smart get him for 2 gaskets he he he …?

  7. went for my first ride of the year on my road king last week. made it one block before my shiftier FELL OFF. my first harley. in the decades i have been riding bikes it was the first time a snifter has ever fallen off one of my motorcycles. unbelievable. that shouldn't even be possible fortunately it was just an allen screw

  8. Hey John, I really need some technical advice/recommendations. I have a shifting problem on my 08 Softail Deluxe, whereby, the shifting binds up in between shifts. I noticed where the rear shifter shaft locking nut was coming in contact with the top (kuryakyn) primary chrome cover. I adjusted the shaft as far away from the inner primary and have even taken the chrome cover off, but still the shifting hangs up or gets caught. I noticed it more when shifting at lower RPMS (2500-3000). I do tend to shift hard. While I am riding and shifting into 2nd, 3rd, 4th I sometimes have to double/tripple tap the shifter just to unbind and get it into gear. I have read the service manual and it does not give me an option to adjust the shifter pawl so not sure you can do this with my model (6 Speed). I attempted to take the rear shifter arm off to see if it jumped a spline tooth and maybe reposition it, but I am not able to completely back out that arm without first taking the entire primary off. When I shift by hand (while on the jack) it seems to go into gear just fine. When I am riding and shifting at higher RPMs (3500-5500), it seem to drop right into gear (most of the times) just fine. I have replaced the clutch cable (even though it probably wasn't needed). I have adjusted the clutch pack within the primary and feel the clutch lever pulls in and engages the clutch just fine. What am i missing? I have the top trans cover off and while on the jack, I put it into 3rd gear to measure the play on the pawl arm and it looks like It has more movement/play when moving the shifter backward then when I move it forward. I was trying to take the rear shifter arm off to reposition it so there is equal play on the pawl when moving shifter forward and backward, but not sure that will take care of my problem. Any thoughts? before I started tearing everything apart if I really don't have to. Thanks in advance.

  9. I have an Indian but this video was great. I do my own oil changes and whatnot.

    Now I’m going to read the service manual and see what bolts and fasteners I need to address.

  10. John,
    I have a 14 Low Rider and when I come to a hard stop I hear a single loud click noise as the front forks compress. Sounds as if it's coming from the steering head bearing. Has done this since new. Any ideas? TY


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