Top 7 Defensive Riding Strategies

In this video I am going to cover the top riding strategies you can use to stay safe on the road when riding your motorcycle. These strategies and tips have come from numerous sources including other motovloggers, my motorcycle safety course instructors, motorcyclists and channel viewers, and my own personal experience. Use these defensive riding techniques to keep yourself safe on the road!

~ Ride Safe, Ride On!
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Comment (7)

  1. Love this channel, excellent video! I agree to loud pipes saving lives to a degree but many go overboard, LOL! I will invest in that horn in your description instead of loud pipes because my bike has twin carburetors and I have to warm it up before I go to work at night! Don't want to piss off my neighbors or wake up the complex!

  2. I don't agree 100% on loud pipes saves life's. If they are behind you they can see. If they are coming towards you they can't hear you. if you're coming to an intersection they can't hear you. The only time I think they can hear you it's when you are beside them . And you give it the gas so they can hear you. I make it a point when I'm in my car when I see a motorcycle , I pay attention when I can hear that motorcycle. And if he's coming towards me and passes me I hear him when he passes me. If I'm making a left hand turn and I see a motorcycle coming I don't hear him coming I see him coming. And if he's coming up beside me on my left or right I really don't hear him until he's right there at my window unless you're smashing the gas ripping it up. So I say 25% that loud pipes save lives.

  3. Totally agree with all your points. Its always good to have a little bit of power to get away from the dickheads if you need to. And 100% loud pipes save lives!!!


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