2019 Honda GoldWing Tour Owner Review and Buying Experience Gold Wing Motorcycle Watch before buying

This is my first impression and review after having this motorcycle for a little over a month now. Some of it quirks and features as well as likes and dislikes. I also discuss my buying experience and if I would buy it again. I also encourage people subscribe for future updates.

Keep in mind, it might be a long and boring review but I wanted to put the effort into it because it was hard to find reviews that weren’t by big companies with deals to lose or people selling products. I wanted to try to make a review with information that I would have been interested in while looking for the bike. I hope you like it, this bike review differs from my small electronic reviews and my DIY how to videos because I saw a void when considering buying one of these.

I genuinely hope you like the video! It’s my own motorcycle, there is no sponsorship, or any other assistance of sorts from Honda on this video, it is just my genuine opinion.


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  1. I've had my new goldwing six weeks now and over 4000 miles with no problems, I love it. I have 2 Honda dealers in my area and road the new goldwing at both of them with no problems. One dealer asked for my license and turned me loose and asked me to be back by closing time, the other dealer just said be back by closing time without asking for any identification. The dealer you went to is not the norm, they are not required to take a credit application for test ride. I spoke to my local dealer and they were shocked to hear that they had asked for that information.

  2. Here’s a “tip” “trick” or whatever you want to call it, there’s a quick start feature if you want to jump on the bike and take off in a hurry. Walk up to the bike and hold down the start button and the bike will start immediately without having to turn the ignition knob. You’re welcome 👍🏼. Great video by the way!!! Keep us updated.

  3. I’m surprised about the demo available or lack of at dealer. If a dealer will not let you test ride, go down the road. They are not customer oriented. I waited forever for the Goldwing Tourer DCT last year to arrive here in Lubbock, Texas. The very day it arrived, I was able to demo the very first DCT and purchased that very bike. I’m on my 4th Goldwing since 1981. As far as the trouble with the access to the fuel door, that’s an adjustment of some sort as yours is the first I’ve seen stick. I’ve had my 2018 for 15 months and have to say, no regrets. There is a lot of information on YouTube about the quirks of this bike. Max McAllister with Traxxion dynamics is full of information. This is no longer your Daddy’s Goldwing lol. It is an amazing bike and I hope you enjoy many, many great rides. Congratulations on your purchase, I’ve subscribed only to hear future experiences of your new Goldwing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have a 2012 Harley Electra glide with 67K on it. I am about to buy another bike. I am REALLY torn between another HD or a GW. Truly torn. The GW is more powerful and has a lot more features for the price but man the HD has that look to it!!!> This video DID NOT HELP ME DECIDE!!! 🙂 (heck I am evening thinking BMW now). Like the review. The rear speakers was an issue on the HD. I had to upgrade those.

  5. I've been looking hard at a touring motorcycle. Thanks for the insights about the Goldwing. I had the opportunity to demo both a new Goldwing and an Indian Roadmaster, and the Goldwing is by far the more polished and drivable motorcycle (although, I think the Roadmaster beats it on styling). I drove a DCT and found it to be a extremely enjoyable experience. I am coming from a 750 cc, so it was a little unwieldy at first (nearly double the weight of my current bike), but after just a few minutes it was easy to drive. I think one of my personal favorites about the bike is the different driving modes. They really did make a difference on the throttle response and handling. Now, I just need to save up a few bucks . . .

    (On a side note: I'll put a plug in for Cruiseman's Garage, if you haven't found him already. He does maintenance vids on YouTube for the new Goldwing and vlogs about his experiences riding one. His channel has been very informative.)

  6. I’ve watched several videos on the new wing. I believe this is the first one to address the fuel issue. Why did they not just make that access door a push to open? Or if they had to have a separate button put it inside the compartment the phone goes in.

  7. There is a little spot for the gas cap to rest on the underside of the lid, rests there nicely, I've had mine for 17 months, no complaints.

  8. Nice interview, I completely agree on the minus and plus points about the Honda Goldwing, but you have good and bad points with every bike. I hope Honda will work on it. One thing I can tell you I have had several motorcycles but this is the best motorbike that I have ever driven. I subscribe to your channel I am curious what you think about it after a few months.👍✌


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