Largest Riding Gear Collection in the world.

vikas Rachamalla motorcycle riding gear collection
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  1. Vikas I really request you to upload your video in atleast 60fps. There was too much vid lag.
    BTW I'm feeling so envy. So many motorbike accesories. Now I really wish you could gift me atleast "a riding gear set".
    Love from my family.

  2. Woooaaaaooowww sir. I really love this gear collection of your's sooo much. Especially I really loved your helmet collection a lot. It really reminded me of your helmet guide video and you really have helmets for nearly all situations, which is amazing. Also those amazing jackets and your riding pants are really amazing. I really loved this video of your's a lot sir. Great Job. Also can you please do a dedicated video about simple riding pads(biker pads which you have to strap to your jacket or pant) vs proper riding pants and riding jackets?

  3. Vikas bro u almost own a pitstop amazing man ur the luckiest rider in the world…I'm really struggling to own a riding gear but you have everything wat a rider needs…..u the luckiest man really proud of u…..I think u remember me I'm Ashwin's friend n we had a talk on d phone once….


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