JBL vs. Regular Cardo Speakers My Thoughts

I install the Cardo JBL speakers and record what they sound like (with my cameras audio) to see if we can tell a difference. The JBL speakers are louder for sure, and when I put the helmet on, there seems to be more base coming through. You can also pick a sound profile by scanning the QR code in the package that comes with them to customize the speakers even further.

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  1. I was just informed that the JBL speakers come with different sound profiles as well that you can access using a QR code that comes with it so that will probably personalize them even further

  2. I've had both on my packtalk bold in a Schuberth E1 and can't tell a difference really, but I'm an aircraft mechanic so prolly not the best judge of sound quality lol. JBL do seem quieter though.

  3. Timely video. I am considering getting either the Cardo Packtalk Bold or Packtalk Slim, both with the JBL option. Do you have experience with the Slim, or only the Bold? Also, thought the highs on the JBLs seemed brighter and crisper than the previous standard speakers. Thanks Lali, cheers.

  4. I love music, and I wouldn't mind trying this device, but I wonder how safe it is to listen to music over headphones and to concentrate on riding at the same time I'm not trying to be a downer, but I believe safety is the priority for everyone Everyone stay safe out there and always follow the rules Goodbye and have a great one

  5. Nice video!
    I am pretty interested in the JBL speakers because I have the older paktalk with the standard speakers. This helps to decide if I'd wanna spend the extra coin to upgrade.
    Take care ride safe!

  6. JBL do sound great but once you hit hwy speeds it all becomes just a mashup of wind and audio noise. Increasing the volume just hurts. If only they made low profile earbuds

  7. They are horrible don't buy it. The antenna is extremely fragile once I tried to get a hold of someone at JBL, it was damn near impossible. Their customer service sucks! Stick to Sena

  8. Thanls for this video Lali, I was also thinking of an upgrade, I use the packtalk slim btw. But I use the 32mm speakers cuz the 40mm regualrs were too big or didn’t feel comfortable for my ears. So these jbl’s are even bigger. I didn’t find any jbl speakers in 32mm, however I think you need the extra size to provide that additional bass and volume


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