Fairings or No Fairings for Beginner Motorcyclists? (Beginner Bike Giveaway Episode 2 – Season 4)

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Best Beginner **Sport** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Icon-Alliance
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-Viper-V2
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-SMX-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/TCX-Sportboots
Pants: https://www.uglybrosusa.com/products/motorpool-black

Best Beginner **Dual Sport/ADV** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Scorpion-EXO-helmet
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Revit-Airwave-Jacket
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Revit-Fly-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-ADV-Boots
Pants: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-ADV-pants

Best Beginner **Retro/Classic** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Bell-Bullitt-Retro-Helmet
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Scrambler-Retro-Jacket
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Dainese-Retro-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/TCX-Retro-Boots
Pants: https://www.uglybrosusa.com/products/motorpool-black



What should my first bike be? A Turbo Hayabusa.

Very funny, no seriously. What should I get? A TURBO BUSA.

What is this channel? The premiere source for beginner riders on YouTube. We take on everything from the best bikes you should buy all the way to praying to our lord and savior Rossi.

Why should I subscribe? Because you want the highest quality motorcycling videos on YouTube delivered to your feed every week, three times per week.

Why do you guys make these list videos? Like any good capitalist, we supply the demand the market has.

Music: https://corposecomusic.bandcamp.com

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Comment (47)

  1. Was leaning toward the naked CB500F. Salesman suggested the fully faired CBR500R, based on the aerodynamics and reduced wind buffeting. No real regrets – it's a great bike and I think it was good advice. I've gotten a ton of compliments on the bike. I'm now looking for something a little bigger but also a little more "grown up" looking.

  2. Other than maintenance, the biggest downside of fully faired bikes is that when you drop them, the Plastics can break, and they're usually very expensive to replace

  3. I would say it doesn't matter. I'm a beginner and fairings are literally a couple of bolts and they come off. I would say the most important thing is a built in center stand. Easy to work on overall and easy to clean and lube your chain

  4. I put a windscreen on my Duke and it makes a pretty big difference. I don't hit the highway too often but when I do I'm extremely glad to have it! On the other hand, the bike is so light that it does feel a little like it's floating at high speeds (over 75) which can be somewhat unnerving.

  5. Started riding last year and got a '17 CB300F, its a lot of fun. I love the look of fully faired bikes but naked bikes are a lot more comfortable IMO but you can't go wrong with either

  6. My $0.02. If you're ever going to use your bike as a commuter then get one with a fairing. They keep you drier in rain and help keep the freezing wind off you in winter. I ungraded from a naked to a faired bike basically because of this.

  7. Naked or fairing? I like half-fairings (or half-naked?) myself. Engine is accessible, and you get a windscreen and a sexy upper fairing to house your headlights. Best of both worlds 😉 Bikes like SV650s, Zr-7 S, Seca II for example. Hey, Yammie Dude, we need a list of best half naked (half-faired?) bikes!

    Edit: My avatar shows my SV650s before removing the lower fairings, I love running it half-naked.

  8. There is also the semi-naked style of bike, that has the small upper fairing, but the motor is proudly on display. Bikes like the Multistarda, Tracer 900 and the bike you love to rag on the Versys haha.

  9. You should consider going to The Motorcycle Mechanics institute if you’re serious about motorcycles. There’s so much service information straight from the manufacturer you cannot learn on the internet. The Phoenix campus is better, I can personally attest to the quality of education. I’m a current student, I took bmw, Harley and I’m currently in Yamaha.

    Also I like the background, matches the r3 quite nicely. If it changes to correspond with the featured bike color, that’s dope.

  10. Dude..630$ already. And another 750$ all carb work! An I ever gonna get to ride? I would love a bike! Just started watching your videos. Love em. My first bike was in 2003. It was a 97 Suzuki rf900r. Yeah.. my first bike and I'm still alive. Lol

  11. My brother had gotten a fz07 for his first bike and I hated the way naked bikes looked! A couple months passed and I was able to trade in my ninja and get a steal of a deal on a CB1000R and started loving naked bikes.

  12. Considering that dropping your bike is essentially guaranteed to happen when you are starting out your life on two wheels, from a purely economic standpoint, your first bike should have no fairings.


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