Counties and Cities Are Banning The DIY's Right To Repair!!

A disturbing recent law concerning DIY automotive repair was uncovered and has been going around online. This law concerns Sacramento, but I’m sure there are other places with similar regulations as well and more will spread.

Don’t Believe it? Here is a couple links:

Code Enforcement Info Page –

Zoning Code, Click Chapter 5 –

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Comment (40)

  1. This law is ridiculous. If I own property it should be my property not my neighbors or the governments. I can understand if you made the terrible mistake of buying in an HOA neighborhood or you are renting a place you can be told by the owner/manager that you aren't allowed to work on your vehicle, or your pussy ass neighbors that are to afraid to come talk to you personally, but if it's your property you should have the right to do just about anything as long as you aren't hurting others. Hell I don't care if one neighbor painted his house pink and purple pokadot and another has a white house with huge red letters saying "fuck white people". I may not like it, but I support their right to do so. That's my choice to buy there. One individual shouldn't have the right to dictate what another does on their property because they don't like it. If I don't like my neighbors face should I be able to call the police and be forced to change it because they are bringing down my property value or bringing me discomfort

  2. BUILD THE WALL  But do the rest of the country a favor and turn north when you get to the end of Arizona.  Built it right up the west coast and wall off Kommieforia, Oreogon, and Washedupington.

  3. Fuck California. I recently learned you can't even wash your car without having some giant tarp underneath it to catch all the water. Where the hell do you put the water? What if you live on an incline? So you can change the oil but what if you repair rims in your garage? Add a spoiler? Tint your windows? Yeah, fuck that place.

  4. I understand it kind of. Some people are good mechanics. But now a days people dont know what bathroom to use. (Definitely better examples for the ignorance in today.) Do you want to be driving next to someone that just did a ball joint or tie rod on.

  5. So if I dont have the money to pay a shop $1000 to change my power steering rack, I could just be leaking fluid all over the street and get fined for that too. So i can't try to fix it for $300 myself?

  6. You know, most laws are voted on so what's that say about California's population? It says they either don't think voting is important or they voted for the stupid crap. Either way, you gotta deal with the mess you created. Stay in your state and don't bring your stupid or uninvolved ass to my state. DON'T CALIFORNIA MY TEXAS!

  7. "So what are you in for?" I was caught red handed with a 1/2" drive, ratchet, and an 11/16" socket. in my driveway.

    So will it be illegal to sell tools in that county, or could a tool store or auto supply store get shut down by the county?

  8. Think about auto parts stores sales and side effects from this law! Someone needs to find the people responsible for these laws and make them answer for they're retardedness!

  9. Let's execute that mother fu#$@& for changing his clutch! Things are out of control! People have the right to bare arms to stand up to a tyranticle government & laws like this lean in that direction!


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