What’s in my bag? College Edition (VLOG#5) | KYKYKEYK

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I entered youtube world because it’s my passion to express my creativity in a way I know that I’ll benefit as well

You’re free to comment positive and negative for my own improvement

Thankyou for Watching!

VLOG#1 TIPID Makeup School Routine

VLOG#2 Tips Paano Kuminis ang Mukha? (1 week observation)

VLOG#3 Paano Magkilay using Careline Eyebrow Liner?

VLOG#4 Murang Pampaputi? Anu-ano???

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“For when I am weak, then I am powerful” —2 Cor. 12:10


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  1. Pakak unang una pa ko HAHAHAHAHA ♥ next vlog request ko; maghunting ka ng friends sa school HAHAHAHA no matter how long or how many days will it take HAHAHAHA hanggang mahagilap mo sila lahat at maisama sa vlog. Day 1 & so forth babykeyk haha hanggang maubos ang lahat ng close beshykeyks mo sa school HAHAHAHA


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