Motorcycle Wiring: Hard-wiring

Does repairing wire connectors or adding accessories to your motorcycles electrical system intimidate you?
Check out some super simple ways to master this art and make lasting connections.
Below are links to tools and connectors you may want to pick up.

1. Terminal Crimpers:
2. These amazing wire strippers:
3. Heat shrink:
4. Terminal connectors:
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Comment (18)

  1. I understand why Amazon links gets used in all these videos highlighting tools but Amazon is not your friend, I'd like to see anybody else highlighted really.

  2. Should i stick a needle into a random loom wire and see if turning the bike on with the key activates voltage in that wire? And then Graft my accessory into that wire? Where would the relay need to go in that situation? Holy shit i'm so retarded please help.

  3. I would recommend wiring accessories into plugs. 3.9mm bullet connectors are better. Make a split, and put a double on one, and replace the end of your device with a male and connect easily. And disconnect easily and quickly.

    Anywhere near the engine should not be soldered. Crimping is the order of the day there.

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  5. Hey Cody, I found the connector of stator and regulator/rectifier melted of my 1980 CB750C, is it a good idea to hard wire this connection? What could be the problem that burnt this connector? Thanks

  6. I have a 2001 Honda Shadow spirit carburated vt750dc and I'm adding a baron tachometer. Is my bike dual fire or single fire system. It's important to know so I wire the tach in right. I plan on using your ideas for hard wiring it will help make my connection solid. Thanks

  7. Brilliantly simple. I've never been able to solder two wires together without making a mess and making the join look terrible. Let alone getting the solder to stick easily. Thanks for the upload this will help me a lot as I'm currently fixing a Cx 500 and have numerous dodgy connections to sort.

  8. That moment you realize you've been doing it wrong for years. I love your content man, I've learned so much from your videos. I've got an old Shadow vt500c and your videos are the only ones that have really helped me on understanding how to synchronize the carbs right and how to adjust the fuel mix.
    Keep at it man!

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    जरा मुझे पुरी जानकारी दिजीये आपका अभारी रंहूगा. thanks


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