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  1. Bhai love to see the detailed service of Maya. More great is you are doing it yourself and explaining it at the same time. It's tough to handle 2 tasks at a time but you are doing it even better. Keep it up and hope to see you soon. Take care n Rabb Rakha.

  2. Junaid bhai why dont you use any gopro camera with head strap mount which will be easy for vlog while working on the bike It's a different level of satisfaction watching Junaid bhai working on Maya i can watch this whole day without getting bored

  3. Pls improve the content to keep it interesting. Keep Maya to yourself. Videos on your rides are awesome especially leh etc. Some videos on Bike DIY from you would be awesome

  4. Bhai 1 question my bike parked since 7 months .I want to change whole units n wirings.
    Bcause of busy schedule job is incomplete still.
    Question arise in my mind is how should i crank bike engine standing 4r so long time made piston dry.please suggest

  5. I am not a big pistonhead as you but i would have been happy if I could understand my bike just as u do ..u care for her so much revamping every bit of her cleansing , servicing overhauling parts …u know what ur bike exactly need to be good at !
    The dedication & long hours you put working on her is quite appreciating …if I say you are the best mechanic triumph has In India is certainly a huge understatement ! U guys are the real people !! All hail Junaid Bhai ! If I had a triumph I would have given it you straight away …just because I trust on u more than my life ….😁😘😍

  6. Junaid bhai full leather adventure jacket is a totally new concept and it's looking stunning..!
    You look more like a hero😊(which you are)
    All the best for all your projects..!
    When are you planning to ship the Art of Motorcycles all over India?!

  7. Bhai I stay near your home but I just didn't know that even home is your
    After know that thats your home I tried to meet you for 4-5 time but I couldn't meet u
    But I saw your mercedes I front of your gate
    Next let we meet ..😄😄😊😊

  8. Junaid bhai there are far too many pockets on the jacket in your first design…. protection of riding gear is number one importance, style and practicality is number two…and though pockets for daily usefulness is great too many riders place objects in their pockets that will cause further injury in the event of an accident. It's bad enough sliding on flat bitumen worse still when some hard pocketed object digs into the lungs back etc. Just my opinion. On second thoughts some of those zippers might not be pockets but air vents… so take my comment with a dose of namak. I would advise if the garment was made from leather Kangaroo is thinnest and strongest therefore more comfortable to wear. Don't understand why more motorcycle apparel is not manufactured from this leather.

  9. Junaid bhai, I have a question.. u know each nd everything about different types of bikes.. bt which is the bike that u know nothing about?? 🤔🤔.. I know it's a stupid question, bt just asking ..

  10. Aslamo aliakum
    Amazing skills which you have bro
    Hats off to you
    Really I am so amazed to watch your work
    Allah always increase your strength n skill ameen
    Be safe n be blessed bro


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