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Exhilarating race-based performance. This is the Victory Octane. Those who love the thrill of motorcycle racing and the inspiring performance of sport bikes will love the mid-size Octane. The Victory Octane doesn’t hide from the competition either. Compare it to the Harley-Davidson Roadster, and you’ll see why.

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  1. I wish Polaris didn’t shut down Victory, n the octane was making victory look promising. I think the Octane was the perfect bike for me. I like the smaller frame bikes and the performance of the octane is enough to keep me happy, plus I think it looks better than the scout

  2. I'm quite surprised by the Harley's low 72hp. The Scout Sixty comes in at 78hp. What I like about the Harley is the power coming on lower in the rev range. I think Victory marketing dept did a lot of harm to the Octane prior to it's release with lots of hype about it being a high performance bike and most were expecting a V Rod beater which it fell well short of. The day of it's release the Victory fans were scathing of Victory and the bike because what they were led to believe by the Victory marketing folk being a Pikes Peak performance bike. This caused negativity about what was a pretty good bike. That initial disappointment has now passed and the bike on it's own merits is earning itself lots of respect.

  3. A lot of the things the salesdude is saying to try to make the Victory look better are actually design features of the Harley.
    The ride height is due to longer travel shocks and a better riding position for sporty riding.
    Yes, the power is down but that is due to the air cooled vs water cooled and a split crankshaft, both things that Harley riders have long fought against. They just don't want it.
    The shorter wheelbase is better for handling as well.
    They are both good bikes but this comparison isn't a particularly good one as the bikes are aimed at different markets.

  4. Compare it to the Harley V-Rod. That is a more accurate comparison. Currently the Sportster line carries the air-cooled 1200cc 45deg v-twin whereas the Octane is a water-cooled 1200cc 60deg v-twin. The V-Rod has a water-cooled 1250cc 60deg v-twin which I think is the more comparable motorcycle. The V-Rod has 87 ft-lb of torque and 122hp which I think is a much better output. The price of a V-Rod Muscle is around $17,000 and the Octane is at $10,000 and that would be the difference. It always comes down to price when you bring Harley into the comparison and if that is what is stopping you, then you are not looking for the better bike… You're looking for the better deal.

  5. I love Victory motorcycles, i hate victorys marketing department. I will also be buying an octane as my next bike. But saying this thing has the "heart of a race bike" is bullshit. A Yamaha R6 has the heart of a race bike. This thing has the heart of a bike built to make one run up pikes peak, not win at daytona. Not saying its a bad engine or a bad bike just calling it what it is, and what is it? Well its not a sport bike, thankfully. And for the love of god victory dont start again with the stupid ass videos with some fuck wit salesman comparing victorys to harleys. Even an avid victory/indian fan boy like myself cant take it seriously. Indian for example plans to show why they are better than harleys on the race track. Indians winning at flat track and victorys winning on the drag strip will sell more bikes than what looks like a bad version of a yamaha bolt youtube video.


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