Three-Wheeled Vehicles: Waste or Worthwhile?

Polaris, Vanderhall, and Morgan all make three-wheeled vehicles. But just because they each have three wheels doesn’t mean they’re at all the same. In this face-off, we give you the highs and lows of each.


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  1. For all of yall saying its a pointless and dangerous waste of money: sometimes you don't need a point. Sometimes its more fun if its more dangerous, like motorcycles. The point is, let people have their fun. If its not the vehicle for you, move on!

  2. A Detroit Lion drives one of these around my hood. Looks weird.
    I wouldn't get in one or on a motorcycle. Won't get in driverless car either. I'd rather buy a 🐴 horsey and a trailer..

  3. Sorry but I'd rather buy a convertible with 4 wheels and it includes a top. My old 92 Mercedes 500SL would run rings around these death traps and for a fraction of t he money. 😉


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