The Freewheel Wobble – Why A Cassette Won't – BikemanforU Tutorial

Freewheel wobble is caused by misaligned threads on the wheel, as BikemanforU shows in this tutorial. Free shipping http://www.bikemanforu on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. The irregular motion, which can be severe in some bicycles, starts inside the factory that manufactured the hub used in the bicycle wheel. Poorly machined hubs result in misaligned threads, which means the freewheel can’t thread evenly onto the hub. Unbalanced rotation is the result. Since cassettes use a splined freehub with external ratchet system, they don’t have this threading issue. Learn the difference in wheel hubs that accept a freewheel and the freehub that works for a cassette – and find out why cassettes don’t have this problem. YouTube’s award-winning guru of bicycle repair and maintenance delivers a close-up look at two examples of the issue – starting with a wobble so extreme it pulsates the crank and pedals. We also get a look at a tacoed wheel and how to get the freewheel off using special a special tool and a vise. Learn the art of self reliance with the BikemanforU channel Subscribing’s free for new videos plus the bike shop LIVE Show. Social media – google + @bikemanforu Like and Join tech happy hour #bikemanforu Fridays at 5:15 pm eastern


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  1. 99% of the time it is a badly made back wheel freewheel mount threads ( hubs are crooked. All freewheels will wobble based on the wheel thread mounts being straight or off center. This video is very important.

  2. I expect the worst wobbles are a combination of freewheel bearing assembly misalignments AND hub treading. I have seen wobbles that seemed worse in some particular alignment of FW with the position of hub and less wobble in another position of hub/wheel.

  3. Lmfao the Bike Man Strikes again. This is really why most of the bigger wobble exists. Freewheels do not wobble and cheap wheels have cheaply made hubs. Small wobbles can be fixed by Rebearing properly. You can rebear , add new freewheel etc nothing will fix it only a New Properly made wheel with a properly centered hub.

  4. Other than very minor thread defects…

    1. Freewheel / Cassette wobble is primarily caused by NON-CONCENTRIC hub shell machining.

    The hub shell will wobble if the bore and profile of the hub shell is not directly centered from one end to the other. The motion translates to the freewheel / freehub cassette

    2. Occurs mostly in high volume production of budget or entry level products.

    3. Can effect freewheel spec AND freehub/cassette spec hubs.

    4. Has little or no effect on shifting. If shifting issues are present, the problem will be elsewhere.

    Yes, you read #3 correctly. Freehub / Cassette spec hubs are not immune from this.


  5. Great video thanks for taking the time to make this video and upload it, I appreciate it. Thanks from London England.

    I noticed my rear brake pads were rubbing, so I adjusted the brake. No cigar. I couldn't understand it so I put lifted up the bike and span the wheel, about an hour ago.

    I thought my eyes were deceiving me. The cassette was doing the wobble.

    This is on a Giant Escape 3 with negligible mileage.

  6. Hello, can you please help me? I have the same problem, but the freewheel is standing still and the wheel wobbles. I taught that the wheel was decentered so I changed it, but same problem. It affects me because the wheel wobbles while I ride the bike and the chain moves left and right and it hits the front derailleur. Help please

  7. Two questions:
    1. Does the wobble negatively affect the function of the bicycle?
    2. Is is a safety issue?

    If you answered no to these questions, qwitcherbitchin.

  8. Love your videos, I too am a person of the old school 70's/80's stuff. Recently rediscovered my love of the Schwinn voyageur 11.8 when I got a mint condition 1981 model. Ride everyday now again was delighted to find it has a cassette gear system.


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