The Business Of Amazon Shipping Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a really big deal in the U.S. Amazon alone shipped over 5 billion packages through Prime in 2017. But as Amazon moves to plastic mailers and paper mailers the corrugated box market is bracing for the fallout.

There are other players in the space but today the four big cardboard box manufacturers that dominate the market are International Paper, WestRock, Packaging Corporation of America and Georgia-Pacific.

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The Business Of Amazon Shipping Boxes


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Comment (38)

  1. There was a study done recently that showed we could eliminate "climate change" if we planted a forest of trees the size of the US. Unfortunately, while you are planting the trees, Amazon will be cutting them down much faster than you can plant them. "Climate change" is said to be a very serious problem, but not enough for it to interfere with us getting those gadgets and gizmos from Amazon. So if it's real, you'll just have to learn to survive it, because Amazon is more important.

  2. My mom is an executive for one of those "box makers". Given how much she makes I am willing to bet that buisness is amazing.

    People buying stupid useless crap on Amazon is great for me! Keep it up sheep! lulz!

  3. with the technological advances we are in, still can't make trash recycling machine that can sort out plastic and other things from perishables? SMH. wrong side of history

  4. We could follow Japan in this moment. Make people take their garbage to community recycling center nearby there they dispose of garbage and recyclables. Of course Japan also has learned to harness human waste as an energy source too so I don't see why we can't do that also

  5. I haul a lot of the giant paper rolls out of some of the Georgia Pacific paper mills, as well as some others on the west coast, and deliver it to several GP and Westrock and PCA box plants down throughout California, as well as hauling recycled cardboard bales to the mills, and delivering to Amazon Fulfillment centers, and I am a Prime member, so this video has a lot of familiar sights in it! Lol

    Most of the boxes that I see being produced in California, and this is not surprising, are for food related products, produce, etc, but at least one of plants I regularly go to (westrock in the bay area) has a dedicated Amazon box line.

  6. they jest need to make a better paper mailer the job i work at has two big green bin one for trash and one for recycling wich for us a fast food chain is mostly cardboard i also use to work a place that did cardboard recycling and some plastic making balls of cardboard was easy when we did plastic it took a lot more to make one 800ld bail and whoud allwas bind up and melt do to the heat caused from friction when compting it to bale let alone how much work it was jestto sort the plastic


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