TECH for your MOTORCYCLE HELMET!! [First Fit – Nuviz]

Are you ready to live in the future and get yourself a HUD for your helmet?
Nuviz at Revzilla:
Nuviz on Amazon:
(including an amazon link for my non US peeps)

*Nuviz only supplied me the unit. All opinions are 100% my own and I was not paid for this video.

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Comment (29)

  1. This whole video comes across as shilling. 'the mic sucks, the audio sucks, the Camera sucks, the battery is just okay the only thing it actually does well is gimmicky at best and it's massively overpriced… you should all buy it so they will make a better one in future and send me one of those for free too!'

  2. Next version needs to include a rear camera attachment for helmet if it had this now I would absolutely buy one I took off mirrors and am looking for a hud with rear camera view option for my helmet but don’t want to spend almost 2k on a new helmet that has that when that’s the only additional feature my current helmet needs

  3. Intro "Guys i just wanted to give you an update…" as if you know everyone, and that strangers actually care. Viewers only interested in the content they searched for. Good Lord I can't stand when so many * channels" actually say hello as if we're there and that we don't really care for that xontext.


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