Sleeping Beside Lots Of Vans n RVs | Multiple Days In The Life Of a Van Dweller

This video was show over multiple days while i was in vancouver. The water shoes in this video are from ALEADER “Purchase Link” and the discount code . VANCITYVANLIFE15

My name is Chrome i live full-tiime in my cargo van with my english bulldog “Cruz”. We travel a little more everyday and film our day to day adventures “Everyday Van Life” Below is a list of all the basic questions you may have about us

2004 Ford E250 Extended Cargo van
Purchased Aug 16th 2017 with 165,000 KMS (Paid $6500)
Van Dimensions
Started Full-time Van Life September 11th 2017
How I Make Money: 100% Youtube
Camera I Film On: iPhone XS Max
Video Editing Software: Adobe Premier CC
Products I Use In The Van:

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Want To Send Us Something?
313-1771 Robson Street.
Vancouver BC, V6G-1C9

Business Inquiries:

Any purchase you make after clicking our links we get a small commission on your purchases. Everything little bit helps the channel a lot.


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All Logos And Graphic Work By DAFINE DESIGN

CRUZ “The Bulldog” is from Symaun bulldogs in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada.

MUSIC USED IN MY VIDEOS are all from these 3 sources.


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  1. when video clarity options go from 144p to 480p The 480p looks so clear.. <> But when the options go frop 144p to 1080p, The clarity of 480p looks only as good as 240p. It actually becomes worse. <> Its not just in my head… The 480p quality really diminishes when higher definition is offered. <> They do that to make us buy higher and higher definition products when they come out. Actually, high definition pictures of people show many flaws and wrinkles and is undesirable.

  2. Prayers for your mom, chome. Please tell her to eat way less meat protein so her kidneys wont strain. Eat much more dark green veggies. And have her walk more each day.. But most of all , Tell her that if she believes in Jesus christ and repents of her sins, God will forgive her and her soul will be safe when her time comes. She will be aquitted of all sin charges that satan brings up against her. <> We have an advocate with our Father. Jesus Christ the righteous. These benefits go to all who believe . <> I hope your mom gets better.

  3. The more I realize how common VanLife is in Canada the more interest is peeked in doing summers there…. I head out soon. So.. Who knows ! Keep up the fun and inspirational vids… Thanks ! Happy 4th of July from S.C USA !!!

  4. Wish your mom well for me too. Mmm fresh picked fruit, love me some forage life.. pulled pork..oh my fav..have fun with the daughter..happy adventures..

  5. fascinating how a dog knows instantly that it is a dog when another dog is around…..not matter what their differences are they recognize that they are the same…… the heck can we get people to do that??????

  6. In wa state a cheap apartment is $1400 a month. Minimum wage is $12.50 hr. Two people making minimum wage struggle to live. F*** wa state and the “dems” that controle it. We came to this country to escape the hitlers of the world,,, now there here to. People that love to control, manipulate, take advantage. I guess it’s just the ( HUMAN) way.

  7. Your Mom is awesome love her sense of humor. Big Happy Birthday to little Dee. Hope she enjoys her van trip with you. Cruz can't let those big dogs out do him. Safe travels do what you need to do for your family we will be here whenever you get going .


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