SALT WATER Almost DESTROYED our MOTORCYCLES – Ducati Multistrada & Transalp

We almost destroyed our motorcycles riding in salt water. Off-road motorcycle riding on the biggest salt lake in the world Uyuni Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni), on a Honda Transalp and Ducati Multistrada.


Have another go at getting on the Uyuni salt flat, having to cross the salt water first. This time I’m joined by Julio on his Ducati Multistrada which he rode down Lating America from Texas. We get through the salt lake and visit the Dakar monument. Both bikes got covered in salt and the lower half turned white.

Julio social

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  1. We're back! Not at the bottom of the lake, fallen of a mountain or in a ditch somewhere, thanks for caring. Quite a mission to cram this whole day in under 20 minutes, a lot of cutting. Who would want to see more of this day?

  2. Awesome video dude, although I couldn't put any of my motorcycles through that much salt water (not even my old XT660R), never mind a Multistrada, pure cruelty to machinery. Made great viewing though. Loved it man. Wish I was their with you, on someone else's motorcycle 😂

  3. Awesome video pedro!! Wow what a place to visit. The picture with the bike in the forefront and sunrise in background was awesome. Looking forward to your next video

  4. Olá Pedro, parabéns pelo vídeo! Vou ao Uyuni na semana antes do Natal deste ano. Espero que não tenha mais água do que esta que vocês enfrentaram, do contrário não terei coragem de expor o meu Suzuki Jimny, parceiro de viagem.

  5. Who cares if Alp rusts, if you could get that amount of fun it was worth it! Worst case scenario you'll have to change some parts and you'll have new wrenching footage for the channel.

    BTW, if you head down to Argentina again, check out viajeros 4×4 page, those guys have lots of info on lost roads like the ones you did from Atacama to Uyuni.

    Nice to see new videos, enjoy!

  6. In 40 years of riding motorcycles in Africa there is one thing one never does … deliberately go out to have fun in salt(y) water … unfortunately this will rear its ugly head when you least expect it.

  7. Glad your back my friend. I would have loved to do that with you two. Bikes can be replaced, the memories you will have forever. 👍👍🤙🇺🇸

  8. Glad you are posting again. I was picturing you in a Bolivian jail, but after this video I think you were more likely to have been put in a local sanitarium. Keep the adventure going!!!

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