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After i posted a video of K&N conical filter on my GT, couple of my followers on insta DM’d me and requested me to upload a video.
In this video I have attempted to capture the audio using my OnePlus3T. The audio while riding the bike isnt very clear but you will get a fair idea of how it sounds.

I had to get rid of stock air filter box to install this (there is a pic of the same in the video). The reason I put this on the bike is because I already had the RC1060 which I used on my Honda Unicorn and I didnt want to waste 5-6k on a stock replacement filter to see if it made any difference.
And the result you ask? Well I’ll be honest, i certainly did not have high expectation from it. Although its not drastic, its quite noticeable. The combination of open filter and RE offroad (Semi – restricted without glasswool) silencer works well. I wasnt able to cross 130+ kmph (speedo indicated) earlier, with this I was able to cross 140+ kmph (speedo indicated) with a pillion and without much drama. Ofcourse 140 isnt a big deal for a 535cc bike. But unlike other bike Royal Enfields are relatively lazy. The reason i gave speed reference is only for your understanding. I ride only at sane speeds. What has also improved is in gear acceleration and bike wont ask for frequent downshift (in traffic) as with full free flow exhaust silencer.

I ride mostly on open roads, i rarely take it into the ciy. I get a approx of 28-33kmpl . Again it depends on riding style.

Rideability + Top Speed + No loss in mileage. I feel its a win+win situation.

That said, the stock replacement filter may work better without having the nuisance of removing the air filter box.

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  1. in crash the 390 will broke like a toy is the demerits in that bike in gt what is the demerits . i need know all thing about that bike i am asking u because of you are a gt rider you have exp in that


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