Professional Cyclist Shares His Epic Bike Collection

These are the high-end bicycles Darren Alff (the Bicycle Touring Pro) currently has in his bike collection:

1. Co-Motion Pangea

The Co-Motion Pangea: Could This High-End Touring Bicycle Be Your New Ride?

2. Chumba Ursa 29+

The Chumba Ursa 29+ Backcountry Bikepacking Bicycle

3. Co-Motion Siskiyou

Co-Motion Siskiyou: My Review of This Amazing 650b Touring Bicycle

NEED HELP FINDING YOUR DREAM BIKE? – Let me help you figure out which kind of bicycle is going to be best for you:

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DSLR Camera:

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Comment (40)

  1. Hi Darren,

    Did you already change the sprockets or belt after you got the new bike? Did you have issues with them? I really would like to know, i have also the gates belt with Rohloff speedhub, not the Pinion😀

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  2. If the pinion and carbon drive is as maintenance free and bullet proof as claimed it is a brilliant system.
    I couldn't justify the cost of the Pinion or Rohloff systems so bought the cheaper version the Shimano Alfine 11-Speed hub gear with carbon belt drive from Rose bikes in Germany, not quite as good as the Pinion which being fixed between the pedals makes any flat tyre or wheel work much simpler! Thanks for posting Darren.

  3. Excellent video about the bikes you use. I enjoy your videos and touring more than any other of the dozens of youtube channels I follow. I have a new Trek Checkpoint ALR5 than I ride everyday. I wanted this model when I purchased in April since it's a gravel bike and provides more options on where you can ride. I have seen cross country touring on this model, but I'm sure not near as good as the Co-Motions.

  4. Maybe added info. for folks who are getting into bike packing with a new’ish mt. bike is one other major advantage to tubeless tires is that you can run lower air pressure and not worry about pinch flats. You do need to experiment with a loaded bike to determine what pressure works, but lower pressure with big 3” tires like you run, means a more comfortable ride. Note though to carry standard tube changing tools and a tube, in the event a puncture cannot be handled by the sealant. Also maybe get used to doing that when you are home so there’s no surprises out in the boonies. Great video as always.

  5. White or black? Hmm, white because my Surly World Troller is white with black racks and mud guards. It also has the S&S couplers. Co Motion bikes are cool and I probably would have looked at one with pinion gearing but, when I got mine there wasn't much out there about them. Pretty happy with the Troll with the Rohloff hub and Gates carbon fiber drive belt that I had it built with. Look forward to seeing you on that Siskiyou out there on more tours. Safe travels.

  6. Darren, what is the empty weight of each bike? I ride a Schwinn that weighs about 40lbs empty. This seems heavy to me but I don’t know any better as it’s my first bike for longer rides. What I do love about it is it feels very solid under me. I ride mostly canal towpaths and rails to trails.
    Thanks, Keith

  7. Can the SS Coupler system be set up on any frame? On a ride from Hamburg to Athens, would you expect to have to ride off road much? Keep up the great work Darren! Be well!

  8. Nice video. I'm preparing my bike for tour around Borneo on 26" steel mountain bike CROSSMAC bicycle which may sound very different from yours. Since it's a gift bicycle from a friend so i'm going to ride it which will be sooner i will find out about the pros and cons of the bike, which may lead me into finding another bike, if needed to. But not sure if i'm able to find the model of bicycle that you have in my country.

  9. great Video, Darren, I have a mountain bike and Rode it 50 Miles. It worked great and have to do Since I don't have the money for a new bike. I can't go for a $ 600 or 3,000 bike like the touring bike you have. I wish I could. I always wanted to do the tour of Nova Scotia 😉

  10. Cool way to travel with your bike. What do you do with the case at your destination? I guess you have a friend or hotel keep it until the end of your ride. Have you encountered any logistical problems with this?
    BTW, I have a folding bike as I live a nomadic life of late.


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