Motorcycle Crash Techniques to Avoid Injury! | MotoVlog

Motorcycle Crash Landing Techniques to Help Avoid Injury.
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Comment (46)

  1. crashed the bike today and basically did exactly what he was saying. it is instinct for me since ive been riding for a really long time but knowing when to save it and when to crash it is a HUGE part of doing the damn

  2. One time i took a turn to quick on a dual sport so i started locking up my breaks realized not to panic i let off the breaks and gave it some gas and went up about a story high embankment. I landed just fine scared the shit out of me but i was fine lol got to stay clam

  3. Newbie rider, I laid down my 700 (at nearly standstill) and made the mistake of staying with my bike all the way down. Ended up underneath it and pinned. Because it was so slow I only got (a lot) of bruises but it could have been bad if I was moving fast.

    Newbie tip: bail. The bike isn't worth your legs and if it comes to bail or try and save it you probably can't bring it back up anyways.

    Fortunately the only lasting damage is a leg shaped sent in the tank.

  4. So im gonna have a motorcycle as my only means of transportation, wearing motorcycle pants would be a hassle is there something i can put over pants i already have on or do i just have to get used to changing?

  5. Fallen twice. Once to the left because of the rain and I pulled to hard the front brake. My bike doesn't have abs and I got fallen.

    The second time was 3 days ago. Now to the right… Because of the fucking sand on the corner… I leaned my bike to do the corner and went to the ground…

    I haven't tried to go to the opposite way of the falling… It was so fast that I can't even imagine doing this. Both times I got my leg stuck under the bike and that hurts a lot. The second time, particularly, I was slowly and I thought I'd broken my foot under the motorcycle. But no, thanks to God, that was no big injury, just a scratch on my right knees and the hit pain.

    So… What I gotta ask is about how to avoid falling because of sand on the road.

  6. Dropped my CBR on my lower leg. Tore up my skin real good, although I had boots and riding jeans on. Could have been much worse so gear up everyone! As he said, protect your legs too!

  7. A car ran a red light and got in front of me.  I thought he was going to hit me, so I was jumping up so he wouldn't hit my leg, but he actually got in front of me and I hit him and went over his car. That saved my wrists. It was like God picked me up and put me down on the other side of the car.

  8. No such thing as crash techniques, guarantee u have all safety gear on you crash or you slam the front brake u fall off suddenly you can only prepare yourself in the best way you can and not hoping that there is another car behind you, or your flattened and  your screwed and tattooed my friend.

  9. Totally agree with the not panicking part. I haven't ridden a motorcycle before but I will be getting my license soon. (looking forward to it!) With anything that involves some sort of danger, not panicking is always the best answer. There is no time to panic, there is only time to act.

  10. thank you for your info. I'm about to get my motorcycle license and a real bike. I had some ideas about riding from my motorized bike, but your videos are helping me see the bigger picture and some helpful tips when I get on a real bike and on the road.

  11. Was going to right a longer comment. But, DON'T BUY OR USE RIDING SHOES. Atleast low cut boot style. And try and stay focused when you are going to wreck, don't try and catch yourself with your arms. Tuck those once in a birth items in. left hand on left pek( or breast for the ladies) and so on. You could jab your ribs, etc. Leading to very bad damage.

  12. Hey. i watch your videos all the time…they're helpful. I'm a BRAND NEW rider. I crashed and had a "real f'd up day". I was going around a slight curve and didn't know how to handle the bike. I think I was too close to the right side of the road. So, after looking at your video – I should have stayed closer to the white line in the middle? I haven't been back on my bike YET, but I wanna know how to take those dang curves. Thanks.

  13. I had a fucked up day yesterday… slipped on an oil slick in a left turn and dropped my zx9r on my left side. I was wearing armour jacket, boots gloves and HELMET. I was only going ~25 but I would have had brain damage or maybe died if I didn't have the lid, I smacked my head hard on the pavement and cracked the helmet pretty good. so that, and the fact that I only cracked the stator cover and broke off the peg/shifter ($80 tops easy fix) was the good news, bad news was that my left arm took the brunt of the bike's weight and I fractured the head of my ulna and the base of my humorous, basically fucked my elbow all up and smashed the tendons in my forearm. besides that just a bunch of scrapes and bruises. all in all could have been much worse and I got my first drop out of the way I guess. stay safe everyone and wear fucking helmets!!!

  14. Oh shit, you had my adrenaline pumping! I got back into riding while I was stationed in Italy, terrible place to relearn. The streets were shit and up in the mountains were scary. Many times there would be a blind turn just like your clip, I had a few close calls with either loose gravel/guard rails, shitty euro cars hauling ass, or worse idiots on bicycles. Its super easy to focus on guardrails and the drop on the other side of them, but you're right… YOU have to try to stay calm and look into the inside corner. Good video CC


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