Lowrider bike giveaway+ C10 updates

This is a video that I’ve been meaning to make for the past 3 weeks. I’m doing a beach cruiser giveaway if I hit a thousand subscribers by the end of the summer.


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  1. Nice bunch of parts man!! Diggin those plates to!! Got a question on the bike. Do you make them streched like that or are they made that way. I had never seen bikes like that until you had the video of the chrome one. (think it was chrome). Nobody has the perfect life man. I got friends that got everything and are some sad MFs. Your just real life man. Keep up the work on the truck and keep looking to the clouds even if it rain.

  2. Count me in homie id like a chance at winning the bike i been subscribed homie and thanx for sharing your likes and hobbies i enjoy the videos👍🏾those plates are dope homie i tried to order plates with my area code but was denied multiple times they said they wer gang related..owell fu<k it glad u got yours

  3. Whatched the whole post.. them are some dope new accessories for the truck, Love the metallic chocolate look…Also I get it Homie…Im in the same boat,I rent a House..2 cars..just fixed wifes car.. celebrated and got too happy..Now, MY truck is Broken!!.Damn..Never get ahead, I don't make a lot $ but I make enough to stay afloat..Real talk brotha… but fosho though when it comes down to a thousand throw me and my son's name in the mix…RESPECT from the 509..ps.. I'll pay for the crate hahaha


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