Kraus Motor Co. – Born Free Show 11 | Harley-Davidson

6 motorcycle builders put together killer custom 2019 H-D builds for Born Free Motorcycle Show.

Get a closer look at Kraus Motor Co.’s 2019 Street Glide Special built for last month’s Born Free Motorcycle Show.


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  1. Longer extended bags that wrap around the exhaust should be standard at this point. Not the trendy, curvy sinister bags, that went out of style years ago but for the show bikes.

    I want to see you guys proto a Road King Special. Everybody has a Street Glide, and no matter how much we tweak a Street Glide, IMO, they all look the same. Road Glides are starting to become the same way. I love some of the Kraus stuff. Doctor up a Roadie Special. And if HD is listening, you need to bring back the Softail Deuce, raked forks, lower the back fender down over that rear tire, and don’t put anything larger on the back than a 200mm. I thought the Breakout would work but the 240mm on the back sucks.


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