India's Biggest wholesale Car/Bike Spare parts and accessories market Kashmiri Gate

Hi guys this video is all about cheap car accessories and spare parts market in Delhi at wholesale rate it is India’s one of the biggest wholesale market Kashmiri Gate . Watch my part 2 – Kashiri Gate–


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  1. जहाँपर कार का सबकुछ मटेरीयल मिलता है ओभी होलसेल रेट मे ऊस दूकानका नंबर दोना भाई

  2. Hi bro can we buy even a single piece in this wholesale market or we have to buy in some quantity ,like some wholesalers said we won't deal in retail,
    Thanks for this video

  3. मुझे भी two wheerlee ऑटो पार्ट्स की शॉप खोलनी है। wholsale टाइप की तो समान कहा से लिया जा सकता है कृपया बताएं


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