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When we first rode the Ather 450 last year, it changed our very perception on what an electric scooter can be, and in terms of performance, we found it to be equivalent to a 125cc scooter on most counts. It’s taken a long time, but we’ve finally had the opportunity to ride it back to back with a TVS Ntorq 125 to check if that’s true.

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Comment (21)

  1. Some interesting math>> cost of petrol is nearly 78 per liter. That way if you cover 15000 kms per year on your petrol scooter, you would almost pay 30000 ₹ for fuel. Let alone servicing charges. With ev scooter it get as low as 5000₹ per year. If you can get their yearly subscription plan, service and electricity are free. I think EV’s are best bet for city commutes. Note you can get an ather on EMI and still save bucks.

  2. Thankfully you guys hit the nail.

    EV transition needs to happen.. albeit a bit slowly.

    Also the infrastructure and tax sops like road tax registration could be different from ICE vehicles to EV


  3. Can you people do one more small test. Please Ride the All electric Ather 450 in the night with the lights on and let us know how much range you get. That is when you will fully feel the terror of Range Anxiety!!!! Only electric Vehicles are just not the savior we are looking for. They take too long to charge and do not have the requisite range. And if we run out of juice, it takes forever to charge it.
    An ICE vehicle has a battery to supplement its electric requirements and at the same time, electricity is regenerated onboard to charge the battery, we need to have a similar concept on all-electric vehicles. That will be a better option till we have a break thru in battery tech, wherein it would take much shorter time to charge. Only battery-powered vehicles are at the same stage as the early ICE engines were. Both dont have the reliability that we have become used to.

  4. to ntorq ather have only motor and battery pack. lithium ion battery is light compared to vrla. then why its heavier than ntorq. 2.including subsidy ahter is still costly right now. excluding subsidy it nears 1.5 lakh i think so. ather must redisn vehicle as light compared to combustion vehicle. overall price also need to be reduced, increase range minimum 180 -200 km per charge. then only it will hit or petrol price hit 100rs,.


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