Ask Roger: When building up a stock v8 motor how important is lift and duration in the cam?

It’s ASK ROGER time! We just uploaded the latest ASK ROGER video and are pumped to announce our December WINNER! Congratulations to Michael Kerschner on being selected as the ‪#‎AskRoger‬ questions of the month and winning a set of E3 Spark Plugs (up to a V8)!

Michael Kerschner asked “When trying to build up a stock v8 motor how important is lift and duration in the cam that u pick to put in it?”


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  1. When I was a kid growing up in the 70s guys would put an incredibly crazy cam into a mostly stock engine. The result was it had a really cool idle. But the reality was the car was slower than stock LOL. Not to mention breaking rocker arms and bending pushrods at higher RPMs. Just a little bit more than stock and a few tweaks like headers, Aluminum Intake, modest 4 barrel Etc can make a motor come to life on a budget. A guy I used to be friends with really dug Mopars. He used to take at 318 and put a 340 cam in it, Aluminum Intake, four barrel, sometimes headers, and that would really perk up a 318. He did have one Volare or an aspen I can't remember with a 318 with a pretty lumpy cam and it was pretty gutless. But I think he bought it that way. It makes sense if you're going to do a build copy a successful build you read about in a magazine or online then you won't waste time and money.

  2. A good video roger. Just a general note that a tighter lsa will usually perform better everywhere over a wider one. Sometimes when I want to kill a little bit of the low end and focus more on top end, say a large ci engine or one with a long stroke, I will widen it out a little or adjust the exhaust valve opening point.

  3. Could you please explain how important the Overlap is & give examples of street car & bracket cars. Also how a cam with the right amount will either build up your cylinder pressure for low end power of have to many degrees and not build it till further into the rpm range which would definitely be a poor choice for a street driver. Thanks. I just found out the math which is simple, mine adds up to 82° of overlap. It has 239 in & 246 ex duration! with 484 lift in & 484 ex. 108 lsa the grind is comp nostalgia 21-671-4.

  4. I'm want to put a Big Lift Big Duration hydolic cam in my 440. I want the engine to come alive around 2500 to 3000 and peak at 6000. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards a Summit Racing products brand cam. And how important is Degreeing the cam? I will be using Gear Drive. Thanks


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