Abandoned Honda CB550: Will it run?

In this weeks video, we get an old CB550 running and ready for the next steps to get this bike back on the road.
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  1. Now, I don't really know much about ultrasonic cleaners, but shouldn't you be wearing some sort of gloves when dealing with the solvent?  Just an observation.  Really like the videos, as I'm finding them very informative.

  2. I love these videos! It's like watching myself work…..and Im always trying to get something running again….its nice to see someone else with common sense getting stuff done….keep it up……oh and there has been a lot of old cb550s on market place in the DFW area for cheap lately…..just in case your worried about future content 😏

  3. One question, Looks to me you are using "car" oil does that affects or soemthing? I'm just wondering because I will change the oil of my tenere 660 2013, uses 10W40 according to the manual, so my question is Can I use any oil rated for 10W40? Or would you recommend me to buy Yamalube 10W40? You have some opinions on repsol oil?

  4. Taylor – I love videos. Keep it up. was wondering though what your opinion is on the Suzuki bikes. I've noticed you've branched from the preferred Honda to the KZ. I have a project Suzuki GS450 L I'd like to work on but haven't had any luck with possible rebuild videos out there. Thoughts?

  5. taylor, a guy like you who makes great content and is always wrenching, i really would love to see you do a full tear down restoration back to stock. I've seen timelapses but i dont think I've seen anyone do a detailed video. Maybe this bike isn't the one but maybe in the future. I'm sure it would be a year+ process though. Just a thought!

  6. I have to say it sounds amazing, I always hated the sharp high-pitched noise of modern 4-cylinder sport bike engines and the older ones have a lower, more deep sound that just screams "raw power" without sounding like a Formula 1 crotch rocket.

    Maybe it has something to do with carbs vs. fuel injected engines, I don't really know.

  7. I love your videos! I always learn so much from them. After watching your videos for over a year now I finally got an old cb350F. This is my first vintage motorcycle, which im very excited for. I have a question though. The bike didn't come with an exhaust. Should I buy an exhaust before I try starting the bike?

  8. BTW all this information/RANT everybody out there!!!!! Is for TAYLOR to read and answer or not and not for alll you people sometimes weird os that like to answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I agree with you about Honda reliability that’s for sure the only two bikes twowheel version anyway vs quads,,,is a Yamaha enduro and this bike my Honda 400 and I will say the Honda is more,, not way more,, but more reliable than the Yamaha but the Yamaha is way way more exciting and fun to ride!!!!!!!!!

  10. I still love watching you videos but Cody at least answering my questions so I also bought his shirt not yours,,I’m sure you probably don’t care about anything I said so I’ll just keep watching you videos for entertainment!!!!!!

  11. I’ve been asking you to do a total refab revitilization on the bike keeping it all original just able to be safe and pass nys inspection!!!!!! For two years but since you haven’t answered me I even emailed you,,, I’m going to have Cody Richards motorcycle md work on my bike at his shop in Virginia

  12. Maybe new throttle cables and or tube and grips and I think that is about it plus an oil change but all those items my running riding bike needs are maintenance items anyway

  13. NO I’d rather pay you to do it for me if I send the carbs to you especially bc I have three sets of dual carbs for my 79 Honda cm 400a that came with the bike when I bought it in running riding good looking condition with 5500 original miles on it for 760$ yes 700 and 60 dollars delivered to my door,,, the bike needs a new front tire carbs clean???? New master cylinder or rebuild but I bought a aftermarket one already a new chain which I bought and front bushings for handlebars clamps which I also bought the oem ones

  14. I have three 1978 honda 550 F's that I''m going to make into full race faring Dick Mann sort of TT track racers. I also have three 1978 750 F's that I'm going to do the same thing with.


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