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So, you’re new to tuning and wondering ‘What equipment do I need to tune an engine?’. It’s a pretty straightforward question, and since engine tuning is a specialised job, there are a few tools that you are going to need to help you do your job correctly.

This is just one small piece of knowledge from a full, detailed, EFI Fundamentals course.

Some of these tools like the multimeter (or digital voltmeter), LED test light, laptop, timing light and wideband AFR meter are what I’d consider being essential items that you just can’t get by without, while others such as an oscilloscope and dyno will only get used occasionally and might not be part of your initial tool purchase.

Let’s look at what you are going to need in the video above, and note we do teach you how to use this equipment as part of the learning process with HPA so that you can start to learn how to EFI tune competently and safely regardless of your current knowledge level.

What to learn how to tune EFI? Start here, for free: bit.ly/EngineTuningFree

Want to dive straight into the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course? You can find it here: www.hpacademy.com/courses/efi-tuning-fundamentals/

Website: https://www.hpacademy.com
Contact: support@hpacademy.com

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  1. That's why I got me a digital test light. Display lights up red for power if clamp is grounded, green for ground if clamp is on B+, and displays the voltage sensed.

  2. Thanks, I've had decent luck with SCT's consumer software on netbooks that use eccm for storage memory. When I datalog my car it's saved to a nano USB drive. However I was going to purchase a mid range laptop just for this purpose. I also DJ so it will be used for both. I'm very impressed with the Plex knock detection system and seriously looking at that


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