Rapper YG Alleged Shootout with Los Angeles Sheriff

Supposedly an SUV registered to YG was involved in a shootout but the Sheriff Department has no credibility. Los Angeles Sheriff Department sends a ton of lead through their windshield and pretends they were under heavy fire. How many weeks in a row has this happened now? Oh…this time they are telling the truth? Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka were supposed to be sent to prison for corruption. Does anybody think that actually happened? Tyrants celebrate Independence day the same as every other weekend for the last month. These deputies must have wanted the holiday weekend off with pay. Meanwhile 100 cops stand around in the street doing nothing.


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  1. The only friends cops have are more criminals drug dealers drug addicts and nice christians is sick absurd watching these videos over and over of police in Los Angeles involved in innocent people dying and just laughing about it makes me sick to my stomach

  2. DD will not stop because pride is a path to power they are taught to adhere to. this keeps them on the other side of the blue line. easily identified if a DD tries to cross that line. Pride can be seen by them. a faker is demonstrable. this blue line must be removed for public safety. Good for us Pride comes before a fall, the bigger the harder. now we have cameras to see the truth.

  3. When all the criminals work for the LASD/LAPD, they are forced to start shooting unarmed non-criminals. There's no better place for a violent felon to work than a large city PD/SD – they can get away with murder on or off the job – literally – over and over. There's been zero accountability for over a century, and now the ranks of those paid to protect and serve are filled with the criminals that citizens need protection from.

  4. well,around here its a lot,a lot of white guys they love to kill!!a lot!!but in all fairness,in milwaukee and greenbay its more black men,but still dwarfed by the amount of whites that get the death sentence for driving the way they want or just forgetting to turn a signal on!!cops love the killing for sport! around here the cops still think they are the good guys! LMFAO!!

  5. For the most part there are thousands of "individuals" in this country who actually do care about others, but are the number is miniscule compared to the assholes that walk this Earth today.

    It is pathetic what AMERICA has become in regards to simple acts of basic humanity. Long gone are the simple acts of looking out and taking care of one another or helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves and the simple act of respecting a fellow human being has all but completely vanished from people's moral inventory. It is all about ME nowadays and nobody gives a fuck about anyone until it concerns or personally affects them or one of their family members directly.

    I don't know Daniel I've never met him but I have watched many of his videos and believe he is out for justice far more than he is for compensation oh, I could be wrong. I also believe that you tend to go overboard at times with the lack of respect of those you encounter, but at the same time I realized later that we may have crossed that line.

    As the old saying goes "respect is earned not given", goes for everyone that walks this planet.
    I don't believe subscribers and viewers realize how Daniel jeopardizes his life with these videos. That camera is probably the only thing that has kept him alive this long common for your courage I thank you I may not agree with 100% of the things you do are the manner in which you carry them out but what you're doing is providing a service that not many Americans have the balls to do.

    It is absolutely pathetic what this country has come to. It is up to you the Z generation or whatever the fuck you're called to make things right to change things or else your children and grandchildren are completely fucked.

    This is where we are at as a society what police and the lack of the judicial system has done to America.


    Police killed a total of 1,165 people in 2018.

    There were only 22 days out of the entire 365 in 2018 where cops didn’t kill someone.

    Despite being only 12.6% of the population there were three times as many black people killed by police than non-hispanic whites.

    More Americans died last year from police shootings (986) compared to mass shootings (84).

    28% of the unarmed victims of police killings were black and only 48% were white.

    34.9% of the people that were unarmed and not attacking killed by cops-were black compared to 44% whom were white.

    The number of black people killed by police in the last year (215) was more than all the police who died in the line of duty (148), U.S. servicemen killed in action (2) and Americans killed by Islamic terrorists (0) combined.

    Unsurprisingly 99% of the officers involved in the 1,165 police killings in 2018 were not charged with a crime. THIS is what is pushing AMERICANS to the breaking point. Law enforcement and the judicial system or in this case the lack of the judicial system is the root cause of the tension we are witnessing today.

    A Message To Active LEO's:

    Without a doubt there are many of you that uphold your oath, risk your lives for citizens both in and out of the community's you are sworn to serve in. To those of you, I as well as thousands of others commend and thank you for your courage, your service and most importantly, your integrity by "upholding your oath".

    However there are countless "brothers and sisters" of yours within that thin blue line that are a disgrace to the shield, who abuse the powers entrusted in them, who possess that "outlaw mentality" of ‘I can do whatever whatever the fuck I want to I'm the fucking police", thinking they are "above the law" and because of impunity they have zero respect for accountability.

    These individuals are a cancer to the entire law enforcement community plaguing our nation today. As law enforcement officers you are not only to be held accountable to the same standards of the citizens you are sworn to protect and serve you should be held to a higher standard because of the power that we have entrusted in you. In the same manner that you view "normies" (non gang members) that associate with known gang members with the "birds of a feather flock together mentality", the same goes for you and your cronies.

    If you stand by and watch them violate the constitutional rights of those you swore to protect and serve and do nothing about it you are just as guilty. If you allow that blue wall of silance to cloud your judgment and your integrity then you yourself are absolutely no better than them and a disgrace to the shield you should be proud of wearing. You are the reason why the citizens of America view police in the manner they do today.

    If you want to change that perception then you must step up and speak out against those that are tarnishing your good deeds, your reputation and most importantly your integrity.

    The time has is way past due.


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