American Made Pug UTV From Frog Pond Manufacturing: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

American Made Pug UTV From Frog Pond Manufacturing: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

The Frog Pond Pug 4×4 is an extreme utility vehicle designed exclusively for heavy-duty offroad use. These 2000 lb. payload haulers are designed to carry two people and a generous amount of cargo, gear and supplies over extremely difficult or rough terrain at speeds up to 17 mph. They also have excellent towing or pulling capabilities.
The Pug features center articulating power steering and a pivoting interactive frame for outstanding terrain hugging capability and maximum traction. Powered by the proven 624cc 20hp Kohler Command Pro Series Engine, the Pug features a fully automotive four speed synchromesh manual transmission. Traction capabilities are further maximized with full-time shaft driven four-wheeled drive. All four tires are 26×12-12 4 ply rated and come in a choice of turf or chevron bar type tread.
The articulating feature enables the Pug to tackle tough ground conditions, yet stay firmly planted in its footsteps. The heavy-duty articulating joint allows for easy steering and smooth side-to-side motion in rough terrain.Highly dependable four wheel hydraulically activated automotive drum type brakes, with manual park brake are standard equipment. Engine braking
through the standard transmission aids in traveling down steep or slippery grades.
The Pug frame is built tractor tough and constructed out of welded and formed heavy wall tubing. The console body and optional cab are constructed of marine grade fiberglass, and the high capacity cargo beds are made of welded and formed heavy 12 gauge sheet metal.
The operator’s station is a cab-forward style console that hinges forward to expose the engine compartment. The console features two coil-over shock suspension, along with cushioned high back bucket seats, providing a smoother ride and increased operator and passenger comfort.
The instrument panel is equipped with a standard hour meter, voltmeter, 12 volt keyed ignition, choke control and light switch to activate the two standard halogen beam headlights.
Hills are no match for the Pug 4x4Choose either a 23 cu. ft. capacity gondola style box or an 18 cu. ft. capacity tilt box with a standard tailgate. Both boxes are capable of hydraulically dumping their full 1800 lb. payload with the hydraulic tilt option. A rear receiver accommodates up to 2000 lbs. of towing capacity. A certified rollover protection system (ROPS) comes as standard
equipment with seat belts. Additional accessories such as cabs with safety glass windshields, powered wipers and soft sided cab doors help protect against the elements while snowplows and log skidders are also available for added versatility.
Whether you are hauling big game, farming tools, hunting and fishing camp supplies, construction equipment, livestock feed, military cargo, producer of fire fighting and rescue equipment, The Frog Pond Pug 4×4 is capable of getting you and your cargo there and back, over tough and extreme terrain, and in all kinds of weather.

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  1. Those are cool vehicles.  My friend has an early one by Bruce, powered by an old Kohler.  Neat to see someone is currently producing them. 


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