Tork Motors T6X Electric Motorcycle | March 2019 Update

We met CEO of Tork Motors – Mr Kapil Shelke who gave an update about their electric motorcycles.
They will start selling the T6X this year.

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Comment (42)

  1. Why don't you guys, built a hybrid electric and petrol 100cc scooter, atleast people's would have both options to experience both of them. And you have much space to fit an small engine with an electric motor..
    Jus contact with some big companies like hero Motocorp, Honda, suzuki, etc. May be those can teach you, how to increase productivity..

  2. It would be nice to have a scrambler / ofroader ev.. Even China hasn't thought of that yet.. In this industry the one that comes out first with the technology gets the attention.. U could also think of exporting.. Removable battery packs and if possible upgradeable battery packs to increase range.. I would love to do an all India tour to prove that ev is the way forward..

  3. These wankers just made slight customizations in the Zero motorcycle and showcased it as their own Tork motorcycle aka India's first motorcycle. And now enjoying investments of big groups..This is nothing more than that FREEDOM251 hoax..

  4. 1. Does this bike have battery temp sensor?
    2. If someone goes 100 km without a brake, is the battery temp get high?
    3. Life span of the battery?
    4. What are the after service provide if someone buy outsider from Mumbai and Delhi?
    5. Does the bike has Riding mode like #Ecomode #Racemod ?
    6. What is the range of the bike with a pilion?
    7. What is the maximum inclined degree of tork 6t?
    8. Does it have a regenerative power to charge the battery while on the go?
    9. Can we get a universal charger?
    10. What is the maximum load capacity?
    11. Does the motor is water proof?
    12. What are the things we should kept in mind if we go for a ride within a 80-90 km range?


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