Enjoy our tour of the Black Wolf Harley Davidson dealership in Bristol, Va. during a customer appreciation event that coincided with the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals at Bristol Dragway. Along with motor builder and racer Michael Beland we take a close look at the 117 c.i.Milwaukee Eight engine, a 2019 CVO Road Glide and a 2019 Fat Boy. We get a glimpse of NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Bike racer Andrew Hines up on the wall, as it’s pretty clear this dealership loves racing and fast Harleys. Take a walk outside with us as we check out a live band, Bristol beer, great BBQ and some amazingly beautiful surroundings on the Virginia – Tennessee border. Enjoy and let us know where your favorite dealership is and why we should take a trip there!
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  1. What a piece of sit, it got chrome, paint and noise, it can make all kinda noise in da parking lot and only $48,000. ThFat Assed Cunt likes da fat boy, imagine that? Buy da T-shirt. We be the largest Harley deber in da builden. God damn them is some Phat Fugly womans ataggering in da Parkin lot, got hell of a crowd, 10 or 11 peoples. Even the Band is a Porker. Many rode in look 4 whole Harleys almost except for the, are those Honda Shadows? That was embarrassing.

  2. Nice review of a cool place and event. My favorite Harley dealership is Wheeler Powersports Suzuki/Kawasaki in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It is the second oldest Suzuki dealership in the U.S.

  3. Overheard! Hey, your beard and gut look just like my beard and gut. Harleys are 1990 technology, way too heavy, underpowered and overpriced. If you wanted a cruiser then probably the best one on the market is the Ducati XDiavel S.

  4. The problem with harley Davidson is the company built it's reputation on longevity by always selling the parts needed for any make or model. Now with in two years your obsolete or at the very least it's hard to get your part at all. And all in the name of turn over for profit.The show room full of way to much low grade trinkets will a huge price tag because of the logo. Customer service is gone baby gone and the price of even an oil change… WTF..
    I have old iron if I was young and just started riding well no I would not own a Harley Davidson. buy the way I own three all old and older you could not give me any of the new crap… Before 2000 keep it bye.💋💋💋


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