Sound of Silence – Tork Motors T6X Testing : Promotional Video

#PluginIndia #climatechange So another teaser from Tork!

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Comment (41)

  1. Hey guys,

    Tork has given an update to us. 
    They are still in testing phase.

    Mid to late Feb – PlugInIndia would have a community event with Tork Motors.

    That is what they have told us.

    So stay tuned !

  2. But then लाखोँ की फटफटिया चलाकर मानसिक ग़रीब कैसे अपने false sense of masculinity display करेंगे accelerator ऐंठ-ऐंठ कर bike से बिना दहाड़ मरवाए?

  3. ye 1 madarchod group ki fraud company hai jo logon se registry paise aur fund raise karke apni jeb bhar rahi hai aur public ko jabardast chodu bana rahi hai

  4. Most of the Companies are giving good looks, but not a wise and safe design. Harley Davidson bike cost lakhs of rupees, which designed wisely which turns out a safest, without a safe design companies will bankrupt in USA because of court fines. Among the Indian bikes right now only Bajaj Avenger and v 15 r the best and safest design bikes. Moreover safe design bikes gives more milage as well.

  5. Show some real road ride experience and not so much edited drone camera video, simple Mobile camera video with side by side other rider on different bike to compare speedometer gauge calibration also during pikup mode..

  6. HELO,

    This is Raj Paul from kolkata 1ST i want to give you congratulation for your fantastic success . i am huge fan of NIKOLA TESLA'S (DC POWER ENERGY)The way you & your team working is admirable. You & your team take our INDIA is another lavle in front of the WORLD. You can take our economy the next label. I really want to buy the EV-motorcycle . but i had 1 question on my mind regarding the charging issue .Your product is really good charge ones & go 100 kilometers. but as you know INDIAN structure is not mentend so well right now.
    if is that possible to give me voice support 9073699780 or mail support . it will be helpful for me .

    Raj Paul

  7. February gone… Still any official announcement of production or booking from TORK.. I'm from Chennai, Tired of raising queries in the TORK official website. Now another company (Ather 450) started doing the same demonstrations (test drive), specifications, reviews etc.. (Also Cost 1.25Lakh)… Don't know whether they (Ather) will deliver or follows the footpaths of TORK…., Please overcome showing the advertisements and let the public use the products effectively..

  8. Kabse wait kar raha hu, kab lunch hoga date v nehi aata hamesa wap site check kar kar ke budda ho geya, aare tork walo mujhe aapne gf bithana hain future vehicle main


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