Schuberth C3 SRC helmet Modification

How to modify speaker drivers and antenna reception on Shuberth C3 modular helmet.
Require basic soldering skills. Project will violate warranty by schuberth SRC module.


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  1. I have the Schubert C3 SRC system too, but I don't have that antenna cable running in my system. I have opened it up with the zipper , but I only have a white ribbon cable running there from one side to the other.
    So the design has probably been changed, does anyone know how to add an extra antenna to my system?
    I haven't been able to find out where the antenna connection is, so it's probably in the PCB itself.
    I have two C# helmets with the SRC system, and they are both the same.

  2. Greetings from Germany: a fantastic hack, radio receiption is way better than before and the Koss speakers do their work very good – a "must have" for every owner of a Schuberth C3 SRC

  3. Hi Ninjarider, was planning to do the same, did you notice any volume reduction because of the 60 Ohm speakers?
    Should you do it again, would you do anything different?
    Does it improve only music quality or also voice quality with the pillion?
    Any hint if I wanted to replace also the microphone?

  4. I can vouch for the fact that this mod will invalidate the warranty. I replaced the speakers about 10 months ago with no dramas. However, the system failed to charge about two months ago and Schuberth won't touch it because I changed the shitty speakers, despite the FACT that the zipper is still sealed and untouched. Utter wankers.

  5. Have you tried improving BT reception in the mean time? You thought it was the white antenna cable and probably was going to try this later when your friend got a cardo system. I'm looking to improve bluetooth reception (aswell). Very nice mod and video by the way! Good Job (y)

  6. Fantastic video! I've made several mods like this in many helmets for my friends, basically Shoeis (Multitec and Neotec). Did it also on my two Scorpions and a bunch of Nolans. In all of them I had to carve a housing to fit AKG headphones (similar to PortaPros). Recently I've convinced a friend to buy a pair of Schuberths for him and his wife, C3 and C3W (not the pro model, the standard ones), but WITHOUT the Cardo system, because he wants me to re-use the system that is already installed on their Shoeis. Do you know if the C3 and C3W already have the housing to accomodate the new headphones? Or I will need to carve too? Thanks!

  7. Now I got time to test the radio; before modification it works only at the cities. Now I can listen radio all around. Nice!
    One thing: opening SRC; zipper was sealed with only little drop of glue. It was loosen easily, and the zippers mechanism was OK under it. So I didn't do any holes to SRC, only opened zipper, connected the antenna wire, thread it out from same hole as the other wires and close the zipper…

  8. Hi, I have the Schuberth C3 Pro with SRC, I use custom molded headphones with inbuilt filters to protect my ears.

    They have a 3.5mm jack, I would like to put a 3.5mm connection on the SRC so that I can plug in and improve the sound rather than using the helmet speakers, do you know how I could do this?

  9. Hei.
    Ja etter å ha prøvet ut dette vil nok du ha litt bedre lyd og mottak.
    Mottak i sentrale strøk er vel tålelig bra men uten tvil bedre med mod.
    Jeg holder til ved Gardermoen og kan gjøre mod. for deg om du vil.
    Mvh Ninja

  10. Great Mod, Interesting to see the new Schubertt C3 Pro helmet incorporates an inbuilt aerial very similar to the one you have produced. You should be on their development team!

  11. Great mod… Thanks for the upload.

    I have the cardo system and wanted to upgrade the flimsy speakers as well. I noticed that the Koss PortaPro you used are 60 ohms drivers, which are greater than the Cardo 32 ohms stock speakers… I guess you must noticed a sound volume decrease from the original setup, correct?

    Do you know any decent 32 ohms drivers, which could be installed on the Schuberth C3 SRC system?

    Thanks again.

  12. Hello tacomodo
    I have still yet to try the BT- B2B. I think the BT antenna is the "white" cable you find inside the "braided" FM antenna. But the general sound from your mobile music player will improve and so will radio reception. Soon one of my friends will get the Scala Cardo and I will test reception
    Rgds Ninja


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