Musings #5 : Ather's New Subscription Plans | 2018 Price Hike

Welcome to another PluginIndia musings episode.
This time we’ll be talking about changes to the subscription plans made by Ather recently.

Link for plan comparison spreadsheet

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    Use the YouTube subtitle settings to turn them on
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  2. Sir, ather 450 ke bare mein youtube par bahut sare video hai, lekin wo sare atherspace (experience centre) par kiye gaye test ride scooty par hai. Aap please kisi customer ke ather 450 par video banaye uska experience puchtey hue.

  3. @Plugin: I always follow your videos. I request you to pass on all these below comment feedbacks to Ather on behalf of ALL. These subscriptions are discouraging the purchase of Ather. People will search for alternative for sure.

  4. Is the company providing loan vehicle under Ather one plan, if and when vehicle is under servicing.

    Since the company is imitating Tesla, it sounds as a good idea to provide loan vehicle to Ather One subscriber while vehicle is towed and repaired.

    Obviously should be within same price. 😊

  5. What is the life span of these battery pack, in best possible scenario?

    What is the standalone cost for battery replacement?

    Is Ather service mandatory to buy this EV? Is there a possibility to buy Ather without a subscription?

  6. Ather subscriptions seem bit overpriced at first glance. Entry to EV is on itself mared with apprehension then why isn't the company trying to understand the market and cater to simple middle class accordingly?

    Ather Connected service seems to me like a money grab as it's present in all subscription plans, why not have on demand service and pay option.

    Also, why home charging is included only in the Ather One alone. If provided separately, I believe many will take it.

  7. It's really UNFORTUNATE that an EV company has more SERVICE plan than ICE companies. Instead of scrapping the "service plan" they increased the confusion! Charging from Ather points SHOULD HAVE BEEN FREE for Ather customers. Right now all their plans suck. If at all if there is any problem with the vehicle they should have the capacity/ability to provide free service. With such plans people would think Ather lacks confidence in their product. It's amusing and at the same time disturbing… that such a highly funded company has to take so much effort to get paid "regularly" from their customers. They have an excellent product hope their "service plans" don't spoil the party.

  8. All ready ather450 is double the price of petrol scooter and then made maintaince so expensive that it makes no sense to buy such vehicle……Would not buy nor recommend….ather make the price of the vehicle at par of petrol then only such maintaince plans sound logical.

  9. When I heard about Ather and it's features I was impressed alot even it's prices are higher. But once I saw that they increased it's prices and removing Ather one plan ( replaced with Ather Service) with before handing over it's second batch. Now I am completely disappointed with Ather. I won't recommend to any one. Please go for Okinawa or Hero so that you will get at very very less price than Ather and also you don't need to wait like Ather for delivery of your vehicle


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