MOUNTAIN OF HELL 2018 FINALS – FULL RUN (40/ 700) Léo Remonnay, mass start race, Les 2 Alpes, France

Complete run, finishing 40/ 700 with a huge crash on the glacier! Watch Léo Remonnay’s GoPro run to fly down Mountain of Hell finals!

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Comment (48)

  1. I don't even have any interest in bikes or mountains at all, and I just sat and watched that whole thing completely entertained. It is amazing when you think of how much money they pump into TV, and all we really need is some adrenaline and reality to keep entertained. Well done brother, looks like very hard work, but lots of fun as well.

  2. 0:55 – though i'm too old for this (just ride for fun/exercise now) this was SOOOO me in my youth. i can feel the exhilaration just watching, i LOVE it. looking back it's amazing i'm even alive since we never gave a 2nd thought to wearing helmets, they just weren't a "thing…? weren't even available. God clearly looks out for babies and fools cause we were BOTH.


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