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Monoshock absorber not working. What to do?

The mono shock suspension bikes depends on maintenance and when mono shock absorber is not working properly, you will feel very hard while riding your bike. You will feel as if you are riding an old and outdated bike. You will feel to sell the bike and buy a new one.

There is no need to sell your bike and no need for monoshock suspension repair. Just do monoshock suspension adjustment as I told in this video and clean and lubricate it as I have shown in this video, you will once again feel as if monoshock suspension working as a new one and you are riding a new bike.

When compared to monoshock vs dualshock then monoshock gives you more smooth riding than dualshock.

Just do as I said in the video, you will once again feel very comfortable and enjoy riding your bike. You will feel as you have smooth suspension bike once again.

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  1. Bro my bike is fz v3 back suspension is not smooth i feel pain and feeling slite bouncing even in smooth roads how to smoothen these shocks? Or how to identify whether its damaged? By pushing in back upside down i can feel a sound of air


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