How to Check Your Oil & Read an Oil Dipstick

How to read and understand your oil dipstick. Learn the 3 rules for accurately checking your oil and how to keep from getting scammed by shady mechanics.


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  1. Clint, great vid, but a caveat. Used to check my oil in garage with stone cold engine. Reading my owner’s manual recently it said, “check engine oil while warm/hot…turn off and wait a FEW (ie 3) minutes for oil to drain back into crankcase”. So, comparing methods, there was a half quart difference. If I checked cold and it was half below full, it actually needed a quart of oil. Other cars would say check cold…read your manual re how to check the level. 👌

  2. Hello Sir. I bought a new 250cc bike that is Yamaha fz25. In first service at 1000km the service centre guy drained oil and put 1L new engine oil. He was not aware with the fact that this bike needs 1.3 ltr of engine oil. I myself noticed it yesterday when the bike already ran 300 kms. Mh dipstick is showing oil level at its minimum. What adverse effect probably got happen and what should I do immediately?

  3. My problem is my dipstick in the car just has a line of oilalong the length of the dipstick, not showing any oil level on the width. I don't understand this reading. Please help


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