Harley Davidson XR1200 Sportster First Gear Challenge

Ever hear of the first gear challenge? Of course you have! This is where you take your bike (or car) to redline and see what the top speed in first gear is. Such a practical thing to know…
Let’s do that very thing with the best Harley Davidson ever made, the XR1200. You know you are curious.


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  1. Let's see a full view of your XR1200 in the next video. Nice bike. I mostly ride my Road King but when I just want to go have fun I take out my 2003 XL1200S sporty. The S model came with dual plug heads, lighter flywheel, a more performance oriented ignition, and upgraded suspension, probably like the XR. I've never done a first gear challenge but I am impressed with how quickly it hits 70. It's just a raw, simple, fun motorcycle. Not the best for long distance riding but that's why I have the King. Don't think I will ever sell it.


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