Flag Changing ritual of Shree Jagannath temple Puri

Dhwaja Parivartan or the Flag Changing in the premises of Shree Jagannath temple in Puri is one of the unique events of the daily rituals which are being performed every evening without interruption. Everyday a new flag measuring 20ft and triangular in shape is tied to the Lord Vishnu Chakra or Neel Chakra. As a part of the daily ritual members of the Chola family performs this religious ceremony for the last 800 years.


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  1. OMM Jay Jagadish Hare…pravu..
    Hey patita pawan…Jagatara natha aahe Jagannatha twameba varasaha…Hey Vishwa Thakura…Hey bada Thakura bhakta mananku sarbada uddhara karantu pravu…


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