Essential Enduro Gear For PNW Backcountry Trails

Packing up for the big PNW trip, wanted to cover the gear I carry for this type of situation. I’ve linked to the pieces of gear below.
Check out the gear:
Amazon Affiliate store:

Front Fender Strap kit:
Fuel bottle:
Rear Fender Straps:
Chainsaw rack:
Enduro Tow Strap:
Trailbound Parts Pouch:
Trailbound Forester Shirt:
Trailbound Tool Burrito: Email or DM on IG to get on waiting list
Trailbound Mini Pouch: Email or DM on IG to get on waiting list
Trailbound Gopro mount light: discontinued

Echo 2511T top handle chainsaw:
Silky Bigboy handsaw:
Leather handsaw sheath: Email or DM on IG to get on waiting list

Gopro Hero 7 Black:
Gopro 3-2ay grip, arm tripod:
Sony a6000 camera:
But would get the Sony a6500 if the a6000 ever breaks:
Sony e50mm 1.8 lens:

Eddie Bauer RAIN Jacket:
3L hydration bladder:
Katadyn water filter:
Gaia mapping app. Free version is fine but I like the $20 version for map layering and topographical shading

Mr heater little buddy:
But would get the mr heater buddy instead:
Dometic CFX 40W 12v cooler:
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet:
Goal Zero Yeti 400 power station:
Renogy 100w solar panels:
Fold out table:
Stainless Plate Set:


Through our stories and products we hope to inspire you to make the most of your rides and go for the hardest trails you can find. We’re all about pushing ourselves to make it through the gnarly boulder fields and to keep going even when exhaustion is setting in. The quality of our rides, experiences and friendships are translated into our company valves. We are dedicated to equipping you with only the best tools, gear, apparel and knowledge so that you’re prepared for the backcountry.


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Comment (28)

  1. Do you have some kind of front fender support? I carry a tool kit up front and I feel like the fender flops all over the place. Great channel, really enjoying your content.

  2. You forgot to post the GPS coordinates to that campsite along with the GAIA routes of the surrounding trails. Update coming soon hopefully lol 🤠

  3. I couldn't tell from video but does your ride have a steering stabilizer?
    Doing the Washington BDR this Summer. Good video and refresher on what to pack.

  4. Spark plugs and plug wrench. 1st thing I pack in my 2 stroke. Tp 2nd.For my pack i use a Camelback mule. Its 20 years old. Love it to death. I put my sandwich and snacks in the pocket with my water bladder so the cool water keeps things fresh. Trail saw for sure. Fox 40 whistle ( can be heard for a long way, if your hurt down off the trail or something crazy). 3 way socket driver 8mm 10mm 12mm. Folding allan wrench with flat tip n star screw driver head. My snowboarding pocket screwdriver (lifesaver) and a 26 mountain bike tube cuz I always forget to take it out. Works great around the lower triple clamp for pulling or towing bikes out also. And can't forget 70oz of water.

  5. Another killer video buddy! I love those pouches you offer, I need to pick me up those!
    How about getting into more detail of what's inside of the pouches as in exact tools and items you find are needed for the type of riding trips you are going on.

  6. I'd love to see a full review of how you utilize gaia's feature because I use and I think I'm missing some of the finer points. Also, you should look into/consider the agawa canyon folding bow saws. probably similar weight to what you're carrying already but I'm telllin' ya it's one of the best saws I've used. folding or otherwise.

  7. Really liked this video, cool to do informative vlogs too. In my pack I carry a set of plastic clutch and brake levers, a loud whistle, spark plug, TP, a flint and striker besides a lighter, couple of ounces of 2 stroke oil, thermal space blanket, ibuprofen. Yeah if I could the kitchen sink LOL…


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