Chip stocks fall after more China companies added to US blacklist

Chip stocks AMD and Micron are falling after news that the U.S. is adding more companies to the blacklist of Chinese companies that U.S. companies can’t do business with. CNBC’s Dom Chu reports.


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  1. Both Sugon and Hygon are pretty much china only companies with next to no exposure outside of china. they manufacture components for domestic Chinese use and don't really import anything of critical importance from the US. Infact they were both built specifically to substitute US goods incase of a trade cutoff.

  2. US and West claimed that Huawei is controlled by the China Govt but US Govt is now doing the same thing….. banning its companies from doing business with any one as and when they like. It is just like the kettle calling the pot black !!! US and its allies claimed that China 5G is vulnerable to their countries and Govt bcos China can control and shut down …. BUT now US has demonstrated that they are doing it already and using the bullying tactics to succumb another country to their demand ….. Guess China's patient may be running out soon if US keeps on pressing and pressuring China to retaliate; and it won't benefit both countries ….

  3. Good job usa, china is a disease to humanity, they produce drugs, they promote chaos around the world; South china sea dispute, hong kong, taiwan, india Vietnam; their products are toxic and low grade.. Stop buying Chinese products, stop traveling to China

  4. nice move. Chinese people cant live without competations. This only pushes made -in -China chips growing. China is going to thank Trump for this oppertunity to see the downfall of US economy. Chips are the only thing that USA still can bluffing in trade deal and now he used that card. GG wp. I was wondering so many foreign companies opened up in Shanghai to recruit European scientists in semi conductors. Ahahaha, USA cant secure its position now and poop their pants. Update: China says it has prepared all this and has 4 trillion USD budget to make chips to compete intel


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