Mr Waite's Raleigh Chopper – Product Analysis

A design icon of the 70s. Very popular and sold well but good design or bad design?


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  1. I’m from Honduras in Central America and we use to get the English choppers in brands like Phillips, Raleighs and Hercules ( which were the top of all them and most expensive ) there were other ones Comando and Drifter.

  2. "backie" cool..interesring, here in Canada we said "double" like giving your buddy a ride a convo would go " Wanna go to the store?" Sure, hop on i'll double ya.

  3. yes, I had one identicle to this. the only difference was a white saddleband and a black round gear handle and it was partly bought by me and my dad on HP  from currys, godalming surrey nov 70, and I was the first in farncombe to own one and everybody would point me out in the street as I rode by, as no one had ever seen anything like it. ……the best thing I ever owned.

  4. Greatest bike ever… longed for but never owned. Would still buy one now even though i'm 46 and now a wheelchair user.
    Mk.3 forget it, I can forgive the seat but the gear stick HAS to be a T-Shift and on the crossbar

  5. I had a MK 2. Stripped it down and sprayed it British racing green with gold stripes down the main frame. One thing i liked about this bike is how sturdy it was. I couldn't afford tyres so when the inner tube started to poke out from the side i used to sew the tyre back on to the wire with fishing line. Happy times.

  6. i had a mk2 purple chopper ,what a bike ,it was a  xmas present and was bought on tick the summer before ,a depost and a pound a week till bought  it was the massive price of £39…1975 i think

  7. just started riding my new chopper which is a mixture of parts, its been 15 years maybe since I rode a bike and that was a fairly efficient mountain bike.  I am struggling getting any power with the naturally low seat, my legs are quite long.  I have it on the max height on the main seat stem but I might have more in the sissy, in which case maybe I should find a longer main stem.  I really don't know if its poor fitness or seat to low?

  8. There's one for 170 American dollars mk1 and it needs fresh paint and some minor restoration. Should I buy it? Its in te light blue colour an it's all original.

  9. Not unless you have Bill Gate’s wage packet. The black ones are nice but you can pick up a nice one for a third of that. If you intend to ride it (for a laugh) then a Mk1 would be a better bet as it’s slightly bigger and lends itself to the adult form. Whatever you pay though it’s always a lot of money for a nostalgic toy, so my advice is always to sleep on it.

  10. Yes, good memories. Unfortunately my parents wouldn’t let me have one as they believed them to be too dangerous!! This, of course, made my desire so much stronger…. So I guess that’s why I own one now as an adult. Not the most efficient machine ever designed but there’s just something about them.

  11. Hi,I think the chopper is without doubt a beautiful bike.
    I didn't own one but back in 83 I got a raleigh extra burner for Christmas.
    but I started a new job this week and on my way home I seen what looked like a mark 1 chopper outside an antique shop,but as it turned out the frame was painted by hand and I couldn't see any decals on it,also the front wheel was the same size as the back wheel,but the frame was almost the same as the mark 1 chopper.
    any ideas what it could be? I live in Ireland.

  12. mine was £27 from Netherfield in 72, but had a car like round gear knob, There was a neutral between 1st and 2nd gear so if it slipped and you were standing it hurt. But the thing had soul.
    Would have one now though.!


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