GTA V Online Bikes VS Real Life Bikes | All 50+ Motorcycles

Almost all GTA V Bikes/motorcycles are based on real life bikes. In this video, not only we show you their real life counterparts but also modifications you need to install to make them look as close to the real thing.

Full Playlist of GTA V vs Real life

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Comment (26)

  1. Hi Guys, If you think there're some mistakes or wrong choices made by me. Kindly mention them as a reply to this comment and if I find them suitable I'll mention them as correction in this same comment.

  2. The Nagasaki BF-400 actually takes more inspiration from the Honda Africa, but there's elements of the KTM Rally in it, I can see from your observation.

  3. You did great on the motorbikes. But all your bicycles were wrong except the last two. The bmx you cant really label. Nearly all bmc brands loom the same in pure grey except sunday because the frame waves. The one you listed as a gmc and the one after that were definatly wrong. The one after the gmc has a specific frame design that isnt the brand u listed. The brand u listed doesnt even have the frame design. Great video. But you should have left it at the motorbikes

  4. Am cringing at the bicycle section, you are so so wrong with all of them 😂 the mountainbike you showed was a kids size with tiny wheels, the first “perf bike” aka Road bike IRL was a cheap $99 walmart bike and the one in game represented a bike for around $5000 😂😂😂

  5. The Harleys at 1:28, and 1:32 actually aren’t Softails, they are both hard tails in the real life pictures. The difference is the Softails have rear suspension, and the Hard Tails don’t. I say this only to educate, not to be a dick. Trust me. Great vid though!


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