Front Disc Guard for Beta Xtrainer by Bullet Proof Designs [Review]

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I feel like I’ve finally gotten my 2018 Beta Xtrainer to the point of full protection to the best of my ability! Thanks to the Front Disc Guard by Bullet Proof Designs, no matter how rough of terrain I’m riding in, I know my front disc will be safe. In addition to the Front Disc Guard, I’ve also added the Bullet Proof Designs Rear Disc Guard and the Linkage Guard. If you’re thinking this sounds excessive, you haven’t ridden with me. I’m great at falling and destroying the moto. When I got an almost brand new dirt bike, I knew I had to go above and beyond with aftermarket parts to protect it as much as possible.

Like most Bullet Proof Designs gear that I have, I strongly feel as though it is a small cost for what damage could end up costing without protective gear. Not only is the cost worth it, but it also does not take a lot of time to install these parts. Consistently throughout the line, Bullet Proof Designs has made install a breeze. For the Front Disc Guard, you simply tap your axle then remove one stock screw. At this point, you are ready to put the guard in place, insert the provided bolt into your newly tapped threads, and then re-install the stock bolt you took out over the guard. The install literally takes less than 5 minutes and the correct tap is provided. 

The Front Disc Guard is made of 3/8 thick billet 6061 aluminum which is not only durable but light. Any time we spend time out in Utah with the motos, it’s a given that they are going to take a beating! Luckily for me, my front disc was protected. If you’ve ever spent time in Utah, you’ll know that the rocks are harsh and everywhere. 

Consistent with my Rear Disc Guard and Linkage Guard, I think the Front Disc Guard looks good on and is built to withstand any abuse thrown its way. For a relatively low cost up front, the Front Disc Guard will protect you from expensive repairs down the road and won’t weigh you down. If you’re looking for high quality, American-made, motorcycle protection, look no further than Bullet Proof Designs.   

If you’re interested in purchasing a Front Disc Guard or any other Bullet Proof Designs gear, you must do so through the Beta USA site if you’re in the US (if you’re not in the US simply head to BPD’s site). The Beta website is a bit of a tricky one to navigate so follow the below link to get directly to the BPD Front Disc Guard. 


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  1. Those guys make great stuff. I have the rear shark fin now and have been wanting the front one but didn't know they made one for my 2018 Xtrainer. So awesome. Thanks. Also, I have added the linkage guard and bike lowering kit all in one with my fastways lowering link. I highly recommend it for protection and lowering all in one.


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