115th Anniversary | Harley-Davidson

Mark your calendars for our 115th Anniversary. We’re throwing parties for the people who all share a passion for the freedom of two wheels. Starting in Prague July 5 – 8, 2018 and bringing the party home to Milwaukee August 29 – September 2, 2018.

More info ➡ https://www.facebook.com/events/1916851011896693/


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  1. Someone must've forgotten about a 115th Anniversary edition Road Glide! They need to fire the guy who made that dumb decision!
    There has been an Anniversary Road Glide for EVERY other Anniversary year!

  2. i dont own a harley, but i feel really ambitious to own one , to dream about it, makes me smile. even recently i got a 115th anniversary shirt from U.s. to be brought to india, and its the best shirt i have worn in my life.

  3. Its good that you are giving the girls their bikes back, but since you couldn't just say you were sorry and admit to what you did…. Then I still think Harley is completely ruined for me. I don't see you showing that women are important customers to you at all. When you realize you did wrong, you are supposed to say you are sorry and hand over flowers. Not make up a lie about how it was a joke all along. That's narcissistic behavior.

  4. I will probably make some people mad here. Sorry about that. But as a female that loved Harley. My husband owns a Harley Dyna. He will always have that bike. We even love going to the Harley shops to buy Harley jewelry, clothes, what ever. Always looking at the bikes cause why not get another, never mind. I want a VW trike, and wanted it to be a Harley that is in it. I love my Harley stuff and I was going to have a Harley tattoo. Phew, glad I hadn't done that yet. Since Harley gave bikes to famous "guy" jerks who can't even appreciate what they get and is even disrespectful… And the 2 FEMALES who would appreciate a bike and have promoted your product are NOT worthy to be given a bike… Only to test it out so that they can promote you some more…. I have realized how much Harley does NOT appreciate the women who love their product. And if I am nobody to you, then I am getting rid of my Harley stuff and am requesting my husband help me find a VW trike that has no Harley product in it. You really need to rethink what you did. Not that you will… At this point, you should be trying to gain customers. Not running them off. But you know, you are who you are, what ever. Just really disappointed. I am not the only woman walking away from you after that stunt.


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